Hyde Park and the fresh market

A few weeks ago I decided to visit the Fresh Market down in Hyde Park Village.

Hyde Park is chock full of rich history of the pastimes of Florida. Every time I drive thru area I can almost hear the sounds of ragtime, blues and swing music. I can just imagine the woman sashaying down the side-walk in their jazzy get-up complete with pair of red lips. 

The amazing thing about Hyde Park is the evidence still standing of those bygone eras; eras where America was still true in her red, white and blue star stripped gown. Amongst the wide side walks and live oak trees are the historical homes. People have taken residence here for the last 50 plus years! Hyde Park is full of beautiful homes from the 1920’s stately mansions to the cute and cozy bungalows.

Hyde Park developed along Bay Shore Boulevard. Described as the boulevard of dreams, Bayshore is long stretch (4.5 miles or so) of white sidewalk lined right up against the waters of Tampa Bay.

Well enough about history, lets move onto the food and crafts.
This place had loads of vendors.

The first thing that caught my eye was the produce. Oh if you could have only smelled those pineapple.

They were cut open and you could smell the sweet, tangy scent wafting thru the air.

Oh and take a look at those colors! I’ll take one of each!

There were food vendors galore!

Awww this was so sweet. This guy was feeding his dog a popsicle.

That’s the one great thing about this place is that you could bring your dogs.

Do you like hot sauce or maybe some fresh bread? I caught up with these two wonderful guys who were selling bottles of hot sauce and the most amazing, freshly baked breads. I swear I almost bought that pumpkin loaf. It looked soooooo tempting and deeelicious! 🙂

Some people taking a break from all of the excitement.

Oh this little girl was cracking me up. She was little Miss Sassy Pants. She was working that stage with her dance moves. Embarrassed is NOT a trait she had. Who knows maybe she’ll be the next Disney star.

I wish I could have that courage to dance on a stage and not care how goofy I looked. Maybe we can all learn a lesson from this little girl: To laugh, have a good time, not look back with regret-we should go for it!

You like empanadas?

Here were a few other booths at the Fresh Market:

The last booth I stopped at was the cigar booth.

I am not a smoker but I love the sweet, caramel smell of cigars. It reminds me of my late grandfather. He had a thick Switzerland accent, loved listening to polka music and he always loved to smoke stogies.

Tampa is FAMOUS for cigars. An influx of immigrants from Cuba, Spain and Italy populated the area of Ybor City (neighborhood near Tampa) starting from the 1880’s. For the next 50 years, workers in Ybor City’s cigar factories would roll millions of cigars annually.

Cigars are so famous in this area that most kids came to elementary school with cigar boxes to put their crayons in. (haha just kidding on that last part.)

I loved this old man’s get up. Check out the cuban shirt and hat.

So I hope that you guys will visit the Fresh Market next month. When you come make sure you take a piece of history home with you. Take your time exploring the surrounding neighborhoods and check out all of the cool old houses. Or get a breath of fresh air and take a stroll along Bayshore Boulevard.

So whats your favorite thing to do in Tampa or they city that you are from? What are your favorite? Any smell take you to a time, place or person that you will never forget?


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