Just say Yes to exercise -March 2012 Exercise Challenge

Yes you heard it right. Healthy Girl Adventures (HGA) is putting out running challenge! Do you want a strong and healthy body? Do you want to feel good about yourself? Well come and join me on this challenge.   I will be running. Now you might saying “hey I don’t run.” or “running is too hard on my knees.” That’s ok. You don’t have to run to join this challenge. You can jog, walk, ride a bike or even shake your booty to some fun dance music. The purpose of this challenge is not only get some fresh air into your lungs, get you moving, but to make you feel good about yourself. 

Do you know that exercise is good for you body not only physically but mentally? Exercise helps reduce stress and depression in your life. When your heart starts pumping your body naturally produces endorphins, so essentially you are getting “high’ when you workout. Don’t worry this isn’t a drug type of high. Its a feel good, positive and energetic sensation that your body experiences. You will feel accomplished and boost your immune system.

As women we feel sad, lonely, depressed.   Wallowing in low self esteem or self doubt we find ourselves walking to the fridge for comfort food.   Next time this happens laces up your shoe laces and go for a walk!


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