Strawberry Fields….forever

Crunch, Crunch… footsteps gingerly walked through the gravelled rock parking lot.    The aroma of orange blossoms littered the air around me.    Light on my feet my body danced towards the entrance, my excitement could not be contained.     Finally reaching our destination, Joe pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and forked over a twenty-dollar bill.   The attendant smiled and let us through.    My green eyes quickly widened as I took in the grandiose view,  my body turning a full 360 degrees.    It was the smell that immediately captured my attention.   It was intoxication and so strong:   juicy sausage, confectionery sugar on top of baked bread.   As if under a spell my body jutted forward to find the source of the scent .   Hearing laughter and chatter along the way, Joe followed my trail.   

So where is this magical place?   THE STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL off course!

Its been a Strawberry theme over in the in the land of Healthy Girl Adventures!   To celebrate Joe’s birthday we went to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City.  The Strawberry Festival is like your typical state fair:  rides, games and food except with a Strawberry theme.  Every corner you take you will find strawberry rides, shortcakes and even a person dressed up as a strawberry ready to take pictures with the kiddies.

We had a great time.  Joe and I are not the type of people to ride the rides.  Well, he might.  Me?  I’m too scared to trust my life in the hands of a carnival worker/ride.  


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