How I lost weight. (with before and after photos)

FAT.  CHUBBY.  OVERWEIGHT.   No matter the name, they all had the same meaning.   No matter how you described me, I was a chubby cheeks, big-boned girl.   Most of my life I was always the fat friend or the girl who was heavy, but had a “pretty face”.     I blamed most of my extra fat cells on genetics.   Blonde hair and blue eyes, I had pink chipmunk cheeks that just screamed out “pinch me!”.    I was a cute, pudgy baby.

Because I was big-boned to begin with I thought I was destined to be heavy-set.   I was your typical, McDonald’s eating, happy kid.    All through elementary school I was teased and picked on for my big size.   From middle school and beyond I was the fat girl among the group.   Lucky for me, my pals loved me for who I was, no matter if I was a size 0 or size 18.   Sure I tried losing the weight by dieting and exercising.  Unfortunately no one ever taught me the difference between a diet and a healthy lifestyle.  I thought to lose weight I had to eat salads and wake up at the crack of dawn and sweat for two hours.   Like most who gone on diets I just gave up.

Finally after 2-3 years of living on cafeteria  food and late snacks run to 7-11 while I was in college, I reached my heaviest.   I was 180 lbs and only 4’11”.    Funny thing was that I never viewed myself as being that chubby.   I was just in a jaw dropping state when I realized my weight had tied itself to a balloon and shot way up on the scale.  I was in shock.  I guess I never saw it coming.  Sure my pants felt a little tighter, but I blamed it on either pms or the dryer thinking it had shrunk.  Who the heck was I kidding?



I knew I had to make a change.  The first I did was cut soda.  I lost a good 10 lbs instantly.   I started drinking protein shakes with banana and strawberries for breakfast.   I am not an early to rise person, so I knew I would never get up and work out in the morning.    Instead, I did it after work.   Cranking on some upbeat tunes (Kelly Clarkson’s album got me through some major sweat sessions) I walked on the old treadmill that was hiding in our garage. It was hard at first.   Taking a shower and watching television sounded better than working out.   I told myself that its only 30 minutes.  Thats it 30 minutes.  After that I can have the rest of evening to relax.   It got easier each time.

I searched online for some great healthy recipes.   I never realized that healthy food could actually taste good.     However I never gave up junk food completely: PORTION CONTROL!    I knew trying to give up some of the foods I love would only backfire, for I was sure to binge on a weekend night.   Though the more healthy I ate the less junk food tasted good.    To this day I feel better when I eat healthy.  Knowing that I am putting wholesome nutrition in my body makes me feel good about myself in ways I never thought I could feel.  I have more energy and zest for life!  Still, I am normal.  I will never give up my pasta from Olive Garden or my chocolate brownies.   I don’t eat fettuccine alfredo everyday, but when I do it is a treat.  And I don’t eat the entire plate in one sitting.  I pack it up and eat it as next days dinner.

I took about a good year but I finally lost 60 lbs.

I hope that I can inspire you to lose the weight.  Know that I had struggles.  We all will.   Even to this day I still work at being healthy and staying fit.  The difference between then and now is that I enjoy it!  Being healthy is a lifestyle I chose for myself.  I will always have healthy goals to set.  Like right, I’d love to tone up some more and maybe train for a race.  If losing weight were so easy the world would be fit and in shape.  You just have to take one day at a time.   Don’t get frustrated and NEVER give up.  You’ll get there;  I promise.  If you ever need any tips or advice feel free to contact me anytime!




11 thoughts on “How I lost weight. (with before and after photos)

  1. Hey! I don’t know if you are still active on here, but I am 4’11” and 180 pounds as well. I know I am overweight but I definitely don’t feel as big as I look! I’m finally working on doing something about it but it’s frustrating how slow the process is when my boyfriend, who is 6’6″ loses multiple pounds a week!! It’s nice to find another short girl out there who is able to succeed with it! (:

  2. I’m Cristina and I weigh exactly 257.. I gained extra weight after having my daughter. I’m also 4’11, as well. And I have alot of more weight and flubber/love handles on my abdomen area then anything.. How did you get rid of that? I’m stuck and I’m currently looking forward to lose all this weight with my best friend!

  3. That’s awesome! I am at the exact same point right now; 4’11” and 180 lbs. I didn’t think losing 60 lbs would ever be possible but you have totally just turned that thinking around for me! Way to go!

    • Hi there! 🙂 I am so glad I gave you positive motivation. I know being short it is harder to loose the weight. But you can do it. If you ever need tips or advice ask anytime. Take each day at a time and you will get. NEVER GIVE UP!

    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I hope you like my site. 🙂 Yeah it was hard work to loose the weight but I did. Unfortunately recently I put on about 10 lbs but I am determined to loose it again. I did it once and kept it off for 5 yrs then I can do it again.

  4. You are welcome Kim. I am so glad to know that I can inspire others towards weight loss. You will get there just keep trying and like I said never give up. And yes it is a lifestyle change. But once you get there you’ll never look back. For some it takes time and always know thats ok- go at your pace. Do whats right for you and your body. And no matter what never loose sight at whats important in your life. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the tips and information. It was an inspiration to hear your story. I have been struggling with my weight for a long time. As soon as I lose the weight, it’ll find me and bring along some of its friends. I’m trying again, but slower and as more of a lifestyle change like what you said. It’s tough and hopefully it won’t take too long.

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