Weekend Away Part I

Well its official-  I am back from my 3 DAY WEEKEND GET-A-WAY.    What exotic locale did I spend on my holiday?  A 30 minute drive to my mom’s house.   She had to go out-of-town to Ft. Lauderdale for a friend’s wedding and asked me to pet sit.  I didn’t mind at all.  A weekend away, full of peace and quiet, spending the night in a different bed and watching cable tv at 2 am in the morning- heck it was like I was at a hotel on a real vacation.  (ok I lie, I did miss Joe and the kitties after the first night).

I loved that I got to spend time with my dog Rusty because he lives there. What?  Your dog doesn’t live with you?  Yep that’s right.   My dog Rusty and I lived with my mom and step dad before I moved into Joe’s house.   Having to leave him behind was a huge sacrifice for me.  He is a card-carrying, senior member of AARC (American Association of Retired Canine -perks include discounts at the dog park and free doggie ice cream cones).   As an older dog, I knew breaking him away from a home that he is comfortable in would hurt him.   Rusty loves my mom and step dad, and he also has a dog sister and brother, not to mention a HUGE yard to run around it.


Most of my time away on Friday was spent at work.  I’m very excited because training is almost up.   We put our 4 weeks of skills to the test on Tuesday because we  go on the phones…. GULP.   Y-Y-You  mean we actually have to talk to customers?  OMG!  Nah, in all seriousness I’m excited about the future ahead at this job.  I LOVE the company I work for and everyday is delightful.  Joe is jealous because he says every time I come home I always have a treat in tow.   The job I work for is in the travel industry and we  have vendors on site daily.  On most days employees are offered free cookies, pretzels, hot dogs, cool little toys and lots of contests to enter.

Most days I eat a healthy breakfast.  Taking advantage of being “out of town” I caved into my sweet tooth and made a batch of Pillsbury cinnamon buns.   The decision to make this was also a wee bit selfish.  Any other time I make cinnamon buns I’m making them for two.  Joe hates cream cheese frosting.    Well this group of cinnamon was only for me so I made sure to grab the tube that had the cream cheese frosting.


The hint of dawn glimmering in the sky, I set out towards Clearwater Beach to meet up with friends for dinner at Whiskey Joe’s.    I have only been here twice.  The first around was for my birthday.  Funny how on both occasions I wrote a similar orange blouse.

Here I was two years ago:

And here I am at my second visit

I have mixed feelings about this place.  Two years ago on my birthday I had a blast.  This time around it wasn’t as pleasant.   The place was crowded!  And messy.  Peanuts littered the floor and napkins were over flowing the girls restroom trashcan.   And they changed the menu.  It looked smaller than what I remembered.  Our waitress was a sweet heart, though I wonder if she forget to place our ordered.   She blamed the long wait on the kitchen yet everyone around us was getting food.   I hate sounding like a negative Nelly but I want to give a true review.

Luckily the company with me kept the dinner lively and entertaining.   Will & I met up with a good friend from Jupiter, Fl.  She rode into town with her daughter because her daughter had a dance competition to attend to. Through many interesting stories throughout the evening, the most intriguing was where Amy told us how her house was broken into by some crazy man.  Someone stole her wallet and laptop.  Many months later she got a strange phone call from a man saying he found her purse up in his attic.   Weird as the story was she did get her belongings back.  Unfortunately by that time she had already cancelled her credit cards.

The restaurant juts out into the water.  Our table had a stunning ocean view.  I wish you could see it in the picture.

While waiting for dinner to arrive I decide explore.  Whiskey Joe’s has out-door seating.  We would have sat out there but the wind was blowing something fierce, causing my hair to whip around my face.

I love taking random shots. Its kinda interesting to the action around you.  Mr. Stamkos and his girl look like they are having a good time.    The couple on the right isn’t as enthused.  Maybe they hate the beach and the salt water.

After many apologies from the waitress our food finally arrived.  I got the flat bread chicken pizza with tomatoes and garlic.   I was impressed.  The sauce and cheese were fresh and crusty was crispy.   Looks lunch the next day is already taken care.  Yum-  I love leftovers.  Some people hate left overs.  I wonder why?  It saves you from cooking again.  Joe won’t touch left over food.

My adventurous 3 day weekend has been first-class thus far!  On my way out I capture the sun starting to set.

Part II-  Sambazon Breakfast bowl.  I’ll blog about it tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Away Part I

    • Thank you! He’s my little baby. I rescued him from a shelter when he was just a pup. AFter the first night coming home to me I work up to find this little fur ball snuggled up to me. Ever since then he’s been spoiled rotten. 🙂

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