Weekend Getaway Part II & Sambazon Breakfast Bowl

Wait a minute!  Missed Part I?  No worries you can still catch up.


What? It wasn't me.

Boy I was tuckered out by Sunday morning from both my adventurous weekend and a lack of sleep.   I love my dogs but they were mis-be-havin’!   You know that sayin’  “when the parents are away the kids will play?”   Well it rang true for me.   On both nights I spent with the dogs, they would bark anytime they wanted something.  If they wanted a dog biscuit at 1 AM in the morning they would come to my bedside whining, crying and finally bellowing out in a loud bark!  And they wouldn’t stop until they got what they were asking me for.   They never do this to my parents.  I guess the doggies missed them and were acting out.   It was also a bit hard to sleep because I missed Joe and well,  I was in this big house and worried the boogey man would come and get me.!  Haha!   The back of the house faces the woods and a lake.  It is pitch-dark back there.  The worst was when I would take the dogs out for their bathroom break and they would bark at something in the unknown darkness.


I decided to be creative and live on the dangerous side for breakfast.  I’ve been a HUGE fan of Sambazon.   They are mostly known for their organic acai smoothie packets and fruit smoothies in a bottle that you can buy at the grocery store.   I’ve always heard about these breakfast bowls so I decided to make my own recipe.    What I like about this company is they do not deceive you.   Acai berry has been rumored to give your energy and lose weight. This company makes no such claims other than the acai is packed full of antioxidants (reducing the free radical damage to your body), and vitamins like omega 3 and 6.  Go to their FAQ page for more info.   This bowl was the breakfast of the champions, thus the name- The Champion Breakfast Bowl.

It’s very easy to make.  All you need is granola ( I like the Bear Naked vanilla almond granola),  pineapple juice, coconut water,  bananas, strawberries and 1 Sambazon Acai Smoothie pack.

First you take a banana and slice it up and throw it into a blender along with a few strawberries and the acai pack.   Pour in about 1/2 cup of pineapple juice and a splash of coconut water and blend.  Mine came out a bit on the frothy side.  I was hoping for a thicker consistency.  My fruit wasn’t frozen so that could be why.  Also I may have put too much juice.  Either way the taste was great and that is all that matters.

Next pour your granola into a bowl.  It doesn’t have to be measured out.  Its like pouring a bowl of cereal.  You don’t want to over flow the bowl but enough to fill you up.

Then pour the acai mixture on top.    Add some extra slices of banana and strawberry, too.

hmmm this was so tasty!  I ate every last drop.


Before my parents got home from their Ft. Lauderdale vacation I decided to spend some time with the doggies in the back yard.   I took some great pictures of them relaxing in the sun.


My 3 day get-a-away finally came to an end.  My parents arrived home safely and I rode out back to my house.   Cindy and Mindy were happy their mom was home.   Cindy let me hold her in my arms for a long time.  She was purring like a kitty motor boat.   Joe came home from work that night and made my favorite dinner-  spaghetti and garlic.  I finished up the night with re-runs of Idiot Abroad.    Great times.


Full Recipe for Champion Breakfast Bowl

1 Acai Original Rio Blend Smoothie Pack

1 banana divided

6 strawberries, divided.

1/2 cup of Pineapple juice

Splash of Coconut water

Granola (I prefer the Vanilla Almond because it gives the bowl more flavor.)

In a blender add the smoothie packet, 3/4 of the banana sliced, and 3 of your strawberries.  Be sure to remove the stem of the strawberry.  I usually cut them into halves before placing into the blender.  Add the pineapple juice and coconut water to the fruit.  Blend until smooth.  Again like I said above it didn’t come out as thick.  You can try this with frozen bananas and strawberries and less liquid to get a thicker consistency.

Pour granola into your bowl, only filling about half of the bowl.  Pour the acai mixture on top.  Then add the remaining 3 strawberries and the rest of the banana slices on top.  Now go and eat!


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