Go Bananas! Chocolate Coconut Monkey :)

I just discovered the best thing while at Whole Foods.   Wait for it……   JUSTIN’S CHOCOLATE ALMOND BUTTER.

I was on the prowl for Barney’s Almond butter while shopping at Whole Foods.  Almond butter is the healthier choice verses peanut butter because it has a lower amount of saturated fat, sodium and sugar.     A co-worker of mine gave me a small snack pack of Barney’s to try.  It was was really good.    However when my eyes landed upon a jar of CHOCOLATE almond butter calling my name out on the grocery store shelf, I could not resist.  Intending to buy Barney’s, my sweet tooth won the battle and I bought Justin’s instead.  I grabbed a sample pack to try it out first.   I like those snack packs because you can just throw them into your lunch bag.   Spreading it on bananas or apples is absolutely divine.

The chocolate one is gone because I already ate.  I can’t wait try these other flavors.  I bet the maple would be scrumptious mixed with oatmeal.  Whaddya think?

Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter is crack in a jar.  I’m serious-  it’s that good.  I told Joe to hide the jar inside a drawer with a security lock on the outside, and no matter what bribe I give him, to never give me the password, because I could eat the jar in one setting.   Give me a spoon and a glass of milk and I’ll be pleased as punch.   I should  post a picture of myself eating out of the jar of almond butter with a spoon, a glass a milk sitting on the table beside me.   I can already picture the chocolate on my face and my silly, happy grin.

Now the only down side is the price.  It cost me about $9 for the jar.  Ok, while you are picking up your jaw that just dropped to the ground let me explain.  Actually most almond butters are pretty expensive so this price is in the average range.  You are getting what you pay for.  Justin’s has only natural ingredients with Almonds being the first.  Go here for the nutritional info and full ingredient list.

Some may also say that the taste is in no comparison to Nutella.  Well I found a review on Amazon that best sums up that argument:

“When u read the ingredients (which you should) you will notice that the #1 ingredient is actually Almonds. This is an excellent source of protein and good fat and a great ‘treat’. This should not be compared to Nutella, of course your taste buds would choose something with more sugar, but sometimes you need to have some self-control and make a choice that’s better for your health and your family’s health. I admit I have had Nutella and it was tasty, but after looking at the ingredients I will never buy it again. How can anyone make the choice to purchase and consume something with the top 2 ingredients being Sugar and Oil? I can’t believe that people give it to their kids and think it’s healthy.”

‘Nuff said there!

So now the question is will you choose what’s right for your health?  I love eating this stuff because it hits the spot for my sweet tooth, and I don’t feel guilty, at all.   I feel full after eating this because of the protein content.  A few tablespoons of the almond butter on top of a  juicy and crispy golden delicious apple sliced up is all I need for a satisfying snack.

This morning I made a great tasting smoothie that I like to call the Chocolate Coconut Monkey Smoothie.

You only need a few ingredients.  Here is the recipe (serves 1):

1. 2-3 TBS of Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter

2. 1 frozen banana

3. 2 cups of Coconut water

Add all ingredients in a blender.  Pour into a glass and serve.

Question for today-

What satisfies your sweet tooth?


2 thoughts on “Go Bananas! Chocolate Coconut Monkey :)

  1. I love all of Justin’s nut butters (or at least the one’s I’ve tried so far) ! I’m not a really big maple fan, but the maple in the almond butter is so subtle, yet so good. I dip apple slices into mine for a mid afternoon snack. The plain almond butter is also very good. Love that they come in little portioned out packages.
    I’ve never tried to chocolate hazelnut one…I’m afraid if I do, I’ll never stop eating it 😛

    • I know it! I feel like I can’t stop eating the chocolate almond butter, it is so addicting. I wasn’t quite sure about the maple but finally gave it a try the other day. And its funny that you mention the apple slices because I put the maple butter on the apple. You should try buying the hazelnut in the small packet so you can see if you like it (then maybe you won’t be tempted to eat a whole jar..hehehe). I did try and I’m glad I had the packet because I think I could probably eat a whole jar in sitting.

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