Let the music play! We started dancing and love got us into a groove

Just checking  in with everyone.  Whew its been a busy week!  2 MORE DAYS OF TRAINING to go.  Then I can finally have more time and flexibility by making my own shift.  I finally started a new exercise routine.  It’s been a while since I’ve worked out on a continual basis.  Joe set up the treadmill but I’m waiting for him to find a long cord to plug it in.  In the mean time I went walking in my neighborhood.  I am going blog a full post on that this weekend with some great pictures as well.

Tonight I was able to make myself a full work out playlist .  I have the most random taste in music.  I’ll listen to anything from 1940’s jazz, 1950’s rock n roll, 1980’s pop,  90’s old school, as well as soft rock, and the top 40 of today.

Music gets me into the groove.   I LOVE to dance.  In fact on most Saturday mornings you can catch me in my pj’s singing and dancing.  I totally work that bedroom “dance” floor. My only audience is my cat, however, they watch me for a few seconds,  finally decide that I’m crazy and with a squeak run away from me as fast as they can.    As you can see Mindy thinks my act is just absolutely riveting.

Hey I know I”m a dork but that’s ok!   On the plus side, shaking my groove thing after Saturday morning breakfast constitutes as my workout for day.  I’ll really get into it, and even try to harmonize with songs.  (You must really think I am a prime dork now,  huh?  Well just call me Miss Healthy Dorkus Maximus!)

Tonight’s dinner was so delicious.  About a month ago I bought some spices at the Strawberry Festival, from a local business called Pyrate Isle.   I finally tried out one the spices call Rib Rub.   I sprinkled the rib rub spice on a few pieces of chicken breast, poured olive oil and baked for an hour at 375 degrees.  The chicken came out tender and oh so flavorful.  It tasted just like a roasted chicken.  In between chews, Joe chimed in said “Baby, this is delicious.”   Add a side of veggies and a crescent roll with a squirt of honey and you got yourself a grand meal.

Dinner is over the and the dishes are done.  Going to have some snuggle time before bed.  Maybe watch Joe’s favorite Science Channel show, Mythbusters or maybe tonight is Pawn Stars.  Either way ya’ll have a goodnight, ya hear?


Here is my music playlist.  I also have tons of my favorite Disney songs on my workout playlist.  I’ll post those seperately.

1. Survivor.  Destinys Child

2.  Bootylicious.  Destinys Child

3. Independent Woman.  Destinys Child

4. Jump in the Line.  Harry Belafonte  (look this one up on Youtube)

5. Day O.  Harry Belafonte

6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  Cyndi Lauper

7.  Material Girl.  Madonna

8. Into the Groove.  Madonna

9. Run The World.  GLEE

10.  Rumor Has it/Somone like You.  GLEE

11. Borderline/Open Your Heart.  GLEE

12. Cruel Summer.  Blestenation Remix

13.  If I Could Fall In Love.  Lenny Kravitz

14.  Express Yourself.  GLEE

15.  4 Minutes.  GLEE

16.  It’s Been A Hard’s Day Night.  Beatles

17.  Thats Alright.  Elvis Presley

18. Come Baby Come.  K7


2 thoughts on “Let the music play! We started dancing and love got us into a groove

    • How did I not know about this? I could spend alot of time on this site. I’m going to post this link on my facebook page. Thanks for recommending this. 🙂

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