Fat Island

Why is loosing weight so hard?   Why does the journey take so long?  From where you are standing  then end is so many days ahead that you don’t even know where to start.  Sometimes you feel like just giving up.

I want to play a fun game with you.  Get out a piece of paper and start writing down the answers to my questions as we go along.  After we are done read what you wrote.  Look very closely to what you said.  Use that as a guideline for mapping out your weight loss journey.  What you can find out:

  • what caused you to get where you are
  • what is standing in your way
  • how you can reach your goal

A weight loss journey is like being stuck on an island.  The island is what you want  to put behind you, the ocean is your journey, and reaching the homeland is end.   The way you decide to conquer the ocean could represent the “tools’ you use.   Carefully map out your quest, as all of you know loosing weight is not easy!

The Island

The island is remote but hardly deserted.  In fact you share the same space with others like yourself.    Each of you embarked on a different journey but in the end reached the same destination: Fat Island.  Though stranded you were never stuck.  In fact you can choose to leave anytime.    We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, so we will talk about that later on.

How you got here is a little hazy.   Whether or not you landed on here on a stormy night or bright and sunny day would be news to you.   All you remember is boarding that party boat.  Everyone was on board- your friends, family, the friendly lady across the street, your co-workers (gotta love those birthday parties and pot lucks) and even the gals from your group at church.   The funny thing is that they seemed to survive the ship wreck.   You were the only one who landed here.

In the beginning living on the island was paradise.  You felt like you won an exotic vacation getaway through a game show.  Margaritas and frozen drinks inside a hollowed out coconut were complimentary.  Oh, and the food!  Fat Island was stocked with exotic eats.   No matter the time of day you were hungry, your entrees were hot and cooked to order.   The island was full of all sorts of temptations and indulgences.

Eventually of all the pleasures and pampering you allowed yourself suddenly didn’t feel as gratifying as it did in the beginning.  You can only have so much of a good thing for long before the newness and excitability starts to wear off.

When you boarded that party boat you hoped to get as far from the main land as you could.  You wanted to escape everything that reminded you of living on the main land- the hurt, the anger, the sadness.   What was once a fun and tropical island was now just a darkened forest that sat upon a sandy pit.

Waking up and facing yourself in the mirror, you are shocked that you are no longer the person you once were.   That day you boarded the party boat to this present day is not the same person staring back at you.   You don’t want to go back to the past, nor do you want to continue living on Fat Island.  The future is not far off.  In fact tomorrow is your future.   Your goals is to be that person who is strong, happy, healthy and lived a full life filled with love, laughter and adventures.   You path is now at a crossroads.  You realize you can continue to live on this island or find a way out!


1.  How did you find yourself on Fat Island?

2.  Who was on your party boat?

3.  What were you trying to escape from the “main land”?

4. What nightmares,fears & anxieties did you find in the “forest” on the island?

5.  What do you think would have been your indulgences?

It’s ok if you find some of  your answers to be the same for these questions.  That should give insight in the issues you are facing & WHAT CAUSED YOU GET WHERE YOU ARE.


The day has arrived as you have made your decision.  You decided to make that dream of becoming a healthier person a reality.   Today is DAY 1 of your quest.   Eager and energized, you begin to devise a plan off the island.

Skipping  into the only restaurant on Fat Island, Calypso Coconuts,

grinning widely, you announce to the diners that your time has come to move on.   Finding yourself amused by the looks on everyone’s face, a low chuckle comes out.   With an expression of skepticism, some of the dinners mutter under their breath, and though faint, the words “failure” & “can’t” ring in your ear .  These skeptics, those that doubt you, are what you call locals on Fat Island.  They too, once set on a quest to get away from the Island but old habits bought them back on their party boat, a fate which landed them back here.

The look of bewilderment and fear meet your eye as you continue to survey the room.    Some just don’t understand why anyone would want to leave this place, while others are so very close to coming to that conclusion you did which made you decide to leave Fat Island.  Tears of both jubilation and sadness trickle down your cheek as you make your way around the room to say your goodbyes. Each person you say goodbye to have parting words of wisdom and advice.   What’s a little funny is each person, both the locals and newbies, have their own account of how long the journey is back to the mainland.  Unsatisfied that you can’t get a straight answer, you just will have find out on your own how long it will take you.

“This is it. The time has come to be a better version of myself and start a new healthy lifestyle.” Though content with the decision you have made panic is lurking in the back of your mind.  What sorts of spooky things will you meet in the water?  The dark, very deep,  full of unknown sea creatures, water.

You have only two options to leave Fat Island:  swim across or take a row-boat.

Will you dive in and fight the sharks and pounding waves head on?   Or will you take a boat, which will allow you to pack supplies,  and trek safely across the sea back to the main land?  Choosing the latter you find a gym thrown out in the garbage can by one of the locals.   Stuffing it full of supplies you hop in the boat hoping to get back easily and safely.

Before setting sail you take one last look of Fat Island.  Turning to face straight ahead, the sun’s rays reflecting upon the water, you being your journey.

The trek across the water is demanding and laborious.  Sharks have circled your boat and many stormy nights have found yourself in a capsizing boat.     Dreaming of the pampered life on island stocked full of good eats and drinks, have left your stomach growling and your mouth thirst.   You were only given a limited amount of food and water for your adventure.

Half way to the end something happened that wanted to make you give up for good.  Your boat sprung a leak.  No choice now but to swim across.

Tired of swimming, your about to throw in the towel and let yourself go under the water.

“HONK HONK HOOOOOONK” rang out in the distance.  Glancing to your left was a boat.  A large boat, almost similar to the party boat that brought you to Fat Island was in the distance.  You could make out a red cross on its side.   The vessel drew close and someone aboard threw out a life ring.  Grabbing a hold of it, you were pulled in.    A hand reached out to pull you up.  Gasping, you glanced up as the person attached to the helping hand.  It’s her.   The one who has always stood by your side.


1.  What kind of plan would you devise to leave Fat Island?

2.  How would you say goodbye to both the island and the people?

3.  Would you miss it?

4. What tools/supplies would you bring on board? (i.e, what tools can you use to loose the weight?)

5. Would you decide to swim (tackle your weight loss head on) or use a boat (devise a carefully planned out system for loosing weight).  Maybe you would do both?

6.  What sorts of “sea creatures” and thunder storms would you meet along the way and how would you overcome them?

6. What would make you ‘throw in the towel”?  How could you overcome this?

7. Who would be that person to save you? (Who ever it is use go to them.  Talk to them.  Ask them if they would help you in your journey to lose weight).


Finally the quest has come to an end.  It was one of the many heart and gut wrenching experiences you have gone through.  Through blood, sweat and tears you are back on the main land.  You praise the Lord for His grace and strength.

It’s empowering to be standing where you are now.  Beaten and at loss for words you are shaking with emotion that you made it through to the end.  You think about that first day you made the decision to leave.  You can picture yourself on DAY 1 so eager and ready for the adventure.

Now you are at another cross roads.  Will you continue to take what you found on your journey to live on the main land or will you once again find yourself being called a local on Fat Island?  Only you can make this decision.


1. How will you feel once you made it to the end?

2. How will you celebrate?

3.  Do you see yourself going back to Fat Island and becoming a local?

4. What sorts of things can you do to make sure your status the main land?


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