Junk Food Junkie

This morning I woke up to gray, cloudy skies and the pitter patter of rain drops falling softy on the green grass.

Despite the gloomy day I had sunshine on a cloudy.   When it’s cold warm outside I got the month of May April.

Why all of the happiness? Today, after a 7 wk training program at my new job, I finally have the freedom to work at home!   You know how great that feeling was?   😀  No commute = no wasting gas, being stuck in rush hour traffic on I75, and NO STRESS!  Added bonus- snuggle time with the fur babies on my break.

I started my happy day with a bowl of oatmeal, sprinkled with brown sugar (sometimes I’ll add a bit of pumpkin pie spice to the mix- try it and see how much it taste like pumpkin pie. It’s very easy to make.  I make a bowl of oats on the stove top.  While its cooking I’ll add in 1/3 cup of pumpkin pie, 2 heaping dashes of pumpkin pie spice and about 2 tsp of brown sugar.  You can add to some almonds on top for extra protein.  If you want to sweeten it up add some maple syrup.  I’ll do this on occasion, though I try to save from eating added sugar.)  I also had a green smoothie this morning along with my oatmeal.  Bananas, Spinach, and O.N.E. coconut water.  Yum, very refreshing.

Now that we got breakfast taken care of, I would like to go ahead and admit it- YES, I live with a junk food junkie.

As you all know, I lost weight about 7 years ago thru diet and exercise.  I managed my weight all these years thru, once again, healthy eating and exercise.  However these last 2 yrs I’ve fallen off the wagon.  I moved in with my boyfriend Joe who is a serious JUNK FOOD JUNKIE!
I’m not kidding.  He will eat a bag of chips and a fruit punch for lunch, then come home after  work and snack on cookies and milk.  For dinner his meal consists of a bowl a cereal.  His stomach still pumping for more action, he’ll gulp down a bowl of pop corn and a handful of jelly beans. It isn’t like this everyday but you get my point.
Having all of that junk food in the house is very hard.  A few times I’ve caved in.  Ok, make that a few HUNDRED times.
I still eat my health food, but it’s hard not to nibble on a grasshopper cookie after work, and a bowl of ice cream for desert.  All of those extra nibbles turn into extra fat on my body.
I’ve gained about 5 lbs.  No biggie.  But I know those 5 lbs can suddenly creep into 20 lbs.  Plus I would really to add some tone and definition to my body.  So I decided to join this 8 wk fitness and strength program called Tone it up.  2nd Annual Bikini Season Workout.


1. 8 Weeks long

2.   Strength Training: everyday  I’ll sign into the challenge that to get my strength training work out.  I can follow along on the video or just print it out.

3. For Cardio:  Do intervals for 40 minutes: 3 minutes at level 7; 2 minutes at level 4. Repeat 8 times total. Kick those intervals’ butt!.  I might take it slow in the first weeks to gradually get me at interval 7;  I’ll let you know what I decide to do.

4.  Eat wholesome food- whole wheat grains, greens, fruits and lean protein (no problem- I already do this.  Just gotta nix those cookies Joe keeps bringing into the house!)

I’m going to kick some cardio butt on my tread mill, walking in my neighborhood and for two nights a week I’ll be training with my friend Elissa at our local gym.   We’re going to be each other’s accountability buddies.  She’s on a weight loss program, and I a toning get back into shape program.  Her goal is to lose those pounds by her wedding in August in Las Vegas.  Those she’s already hot, she’s going to look  smokin’ when she’s thru.   With her permission I plan to blog about her weight loss journey.  When I work out with her next week we plan on taking pictures.  At that time I’ll speak with her and see what bits of information she allow me blog about her.

My plan is to start Monday.  I’ll post my stats and a pic before, in the middle and after.

Because I have not had a rigorous fitness schedule I decided to ease myself into it and take heart pumpin’ stroll along the walking path in my neighborhood.   I took these photos the other day when it was nice, bright and sunny outside.

I even saw a cute lil’ bunny

After my lovely morning stroll, it was time to do some laundry and dishes before logging into my work’s system.  (another perk of working at home- taking care of chores on the weekdays so your weekends are freed up!)

Lunch time rolled around and I made a grilled sandwich.   To make it a healthier version, I swapped out the butter for olive oil.  It tastes just as good and comes out toasty, too.  I used Publix Whole Wheat Mountain Bread.  That bread trumps all other bread.  It’s so soft and fresh, with that out of the oven from a bakery taste.  It is da bomb!   I decided to go with a combo of Boar’s Head golden chicken and provolone cheese, and a squirt of mayo, GASP, and mustard.  I know mayo is a dirty word among health freaks, but hey I always promised to be honest with you guys.  I hate a dry sandwich when it’s grilled.  Besides a small squirt won’t hurt me.

Working from home was a breeze!  As this was my first time logging into their system from home I had a few kinks,  but after that the day flew by.  I snacked on a few apple slices with Barney Almond butter, during my break.

After hanging up my head set for the day, instead of getting into a car to drive an hour home, I got to relax on the bed with my kitties.  Joe came home shortly after and I made us dinner.   Tonight he decided to forgo his dinner of fruit loops for a healthy  meal of chicken and veggie medley.

I wish you could see the two of us at night.   We are really a trip.   In the same room I’ll be on the computer blogging and he’ll going back and forth between the t.v. and his video game.   Right now I think he’s watching Matrix and playing his racing game.  🙂

Once in a while I’ll yell at him “Hey babe,  which picture looks better on this blog?”  or “Hey babe,  look at this (insert the latest, crazy story/photo one of my friends posted on facebook).

We are such the crazy, wild party animal couple, huh?

Question for tonight-  are you and your sweet heart just as “party” crazy as us?


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