Happy Wednesday Ya’ll!  So we made it.  We are half way through the work week.  So sit back in your comfy chair, let that exhale escape from your lips, and be cheery because the weekend is in sight.

Speaking of time I can’t believe it’s already May.  Here in Florida the kids get out for summer usually during the first week in June.    Lazy days by the pool, water melon, strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas, family cook out’s that run late into the evening,  well all of that is just around the corner!

What are your summer plans?  Any vacations lined up?   I won’t be going anywhere.  Usually Joe & I take our vacations during the times when kids are in school.  We really want to check out the Harry Potter World in September when summer is over.

Has anyone out there been to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios?  If so you tell me your thoughts?  Is the butter beer really that good?  Is the Forbidden journey worth the wait?

Anyway,  moving on….

MY WORK OUT UPDATE:  The 8 week Bikni Series by Tone It UP!

I’ll be glad to let everyone know I’ve stuck to it.  I’m so proud of myself for not procrastinating and putting this off.    I’ve completed two full days of work out.  Today I was not able to do a work out because I got invited to a neighbor’s house after work.  She does those body wraps for a company called It Works.    They sell an amazing chocolate protein shake by the way.

Anyway, I am loving this bikini fitness series.    It’s such a fun and easy program.   Their works outs are available via youtube or you can download a printable version to take with you to the gym or even on vacation.

Tone It Up also has a large community on facebook and twitter where you can “check in” and post your goals and accomplishments.  Everday of the week they will post a new work out challenge.  Today’s challenge is Bootylicious, where you treat your booty to a 10 minute booty plumping working out.  They posted a youtube video called Beach Bum that will get your booty into top shape.

Another great thing about this program is that it’s free.   They send you motivational tips, on occasion recipes and work outs to get your body toned.  So far, I can tell you these work out videos tone and tighten those muscles!  I’ve seen before and after pictures of several women who have and the results are incredible!

My trainers and founders of Tone It Up are two of the sweetest, cutest girls-  Karena and Katrina.  Let me just warn you- not only are they gorgeous, inside and out, but have amazing, toned bodies!


Monday’s workout-  Under the Sea Strength Training Work Out

Tuesdays Workout-  30 minutes of free style dance using an old school hip hop mix I downloaded from my rockmyrun.com.   15 minutes of The Sand Castle Strength Training Workout.

The Sandcastle Work out had me dripping in sweat by the time I finished the full 3 sets.  I’ve never had an exercise routine where I felt sore in the stomach.  But that’s a good thing.  That means this program is working my muscles and helping me burn the fat at the same time.


  • Create a vision board (a bulletin or collage full of motivational pics, slogans, words of the goals I have in life.
  • Check into the Tone It Up facebook everyday where I can post my accomplishments (think of an accountability partner)
  • Continue to eat nutritional, non processed foods (whole wheats, greens, fruits and lean proteins)
  • Set my alarm 4 times a week my for my Booty Call (getting 30 minutes early to exercise, walk, dvd, etc)
  • Take a “before” picture
  • Answer these questions and post them on here: where do you want to be?  How do you want to feel in 8 weeks?  What challenges will you overcome by summer?  How do you plan on staying committed?



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