Get In Shape Girl, the 80’s & Banana Maple Almond Oats


I used to feel like a 90 yr woman-  my body ached, I was always tired and I couldn’t get up in the morning.   I was out of shape!  I had lacked in the exercise department.  I knew that it was time to get in shape!

Speaking of which do you girls (those who grew up in the 80’s) remember the get in shape girl’s workout play set?   I had the small purple dumbells, leg warmers and a tape to “work out” to. I was always dying for the special equipment.  But it cost extra money that mom didn’t want to spend.  Secretly I think she knew that this work out fad would only last so long.  I mean often would I have used those twirl bars with the streamers coming out of them?

hahaha. That cracks me up when I think back 20-30 years ago.  The 80’s were such a fun time to grow up in.  I had several cabbage patch doll, teddy ruxpin and I LOVED collecting the Garbage Pail Kids cards.  My favorite shirt was my pink and purple  hypercolor t-shirt and yes I had the 80’s frizzy hair (thanks to my mom for taking me to the Fantastic Sams and getting me a perm).  I cringe when I look back at those pictures.  I was such a dork…hahaha.  I was chubby, with frizzy permed hair, pink plastic glasses and braces with the colored rubberbands.   I should totally post some pictures of those awkward years.

Here are some blasts from the past.  I should do a full post on this decade.  There is so much to say.

OMG The 80’s!


Ok sorry going off on a tangent.   The last two weeks I’ve worked out everyday.   I’m following the TONE IT UP program.   Yesterday I completed this strength training workout, which worked on my butt, arms, legs and  abs.   I had to do 12 reps in each set and the entire set three times.  Wow!  I am still sore.  But you know what?  I am craving more.  Today I’m going crazy because all of my sports bra’s are dirty and I want to work out now!     I think I’ve caught the exercise bug.   These girls make working out fun.  I absolutely love this program.    I am so excited because they just released a new protein powder.  It’s all natural and organic.  I can’t wait to order it.

I have to admith that I’ve got a long way to go.  Sometimes I’m sweating and burning some much that I can barely breath and I feel like I want to throw up.   The other day Joe and I took a walk/run in the morning.   As I was huffing and puffing through a 30 second jog, Joe blew smoke right passed me as he sprinted down the side walk.  I have a long way to go to get back into shape but my goal by the end of May will be stronger, healthier and run without feeling like I’m going to pass out.


Every morning I get my 6:30 AM booty call.  I get up 30 minutes earlier and work out!  It’s that simple.

Oh let me tell you those first few days were rough.  I thought working out early in the morning was supposed to make you feel refreshed and energetic all day!   Dripping in sweat, I took a long, refreshing shower after my treadmill routine.  All I wanted to was go back to bed.  And  I did.  Well sort of.   I had about 20 minutes before I had to start working so laid in bed.  LAZY BUM!

Lucikly after a few weeks of working out I’m starting get the hang of it.

I’m not happy how unfit and un-toned my body is.  Laziness and 40 hr a week job sitting at a desk has made me “out of service” so to speak. Well I am changing that.   It’s time to get in shape girl!


Every morning before I wake up I have a healthy breakfast.  On Monday  I had banana and maple almond oats.   Later this week I had healthy smoothies, like a green monster and today was protein pancakes (blueberries, bananas and strawberries it was so delicious).  I’ll be posting these recipes later on.  Today I will post  Monday’s recipe.

Here was my work out schedule:

Monday- 30 min Treadmill Workout

Tuesday-   30 min Treadmill Workout

Wednesday- rest

Thursday- 30 min walk/run outside

Friday- 30 min strength training video.  If you want to that sore but good feeling in your butt, abs, arms and thighs go and do this video.  You watch it here:



  • 1/4 cup of quick oats
  • 2/3 Cups of Almond Milk or Regular Milk
  • 1-2 tsp of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter
  • 1/2 chopped or mashed banana
  • Dash of Cinnamon
  • Handful of almonds

To cook quick oats on the stove top-  bring to boil 2/3 of milk.  Once it boils turn donw to med and add the oats.  Cook for 5 mins, stirring often.

After it cooks add the maple almond butter.  Be careful to not to over do it.  On the first batch I added a glob of the maple butter because it tasted so good.  But too much in the oats is over kill.

Then add the bananas, dash of cinnamon and almonds.  Mix to combine.

Now go eat!


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