She  laughs with us and will hold us in our arms when we cry.   She feels both our pains and our victories.    She  wipes the dust off and pick us right back up when we fall.   When we need advice or just a good home cooked meal we can always count on her.   From the moment she held in her arm’s we were  her’s.   Her love will last forever.

I’m lucky because I can always count on my mom.   Even when we broke and poor she always made sure I had what I needed.   Her hair would grow long and was in desperate need of salon visit.   Yet she always made sure I got my hair cut first.  In college when I needed to borrow money for a bill she would always help me out.

I know their were times when I had my hissy, bratty fits and she just wanted to pull her hair out.   Luckily I was a mild mannered child and didn’t get in much trouble- well until my college years.  hahaha!

Even now in my 30’s I always call her for advice.   Its kinda funny because Joe will give me advice on a problem . I won’t believe him.  Nope. Not until I ask my mom the same question, and she’ll give me the same answer.   I love going shopping with her and even something as simple as going for a ride on a Sunday afternoon.  Nothing makes me happier.  She’s not just my mom but my best friend.

Looking back on the simple things she sacrificed just so I could get what I wanted made me feel like I was selfish.   In her eyes she didn’t see it that way, because I was her daughter.    I know that one day she’ll get older and the roles will be reversed.  One day she’ll need someone to look after her.  One day she’ll need someone to sacrifice their needs for her.   And that someone will be me.

I’m not a mommy.   One day I hope to be one.   If I am as great and special and kind as her then that will best thing I could ask for.

I love you mom-  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all you-  the one’s who will love your child and do whatever it takes.  Your love is a special gift.


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