RIP sweet Baby Girl. I will love you forever.

Hey everyone.   Well lots has happened in my life and I just lost interest in the “healthy lifestyle”.  When the ones you love are taken away, you realize what’s more important.    I am not saying living a healthy lifestyle wasn’t important nor were you, my readers.  But sometimes your interest and activities take a back seat when tragedy strikes.

Unfortunately my baby cat Mindy passed away on June 8, 2012.   A few days prior, she had gotten stones in her urinary tract.    She’s had them once before.  They gave us medicine and she was fine.   The second time around the doctor did an x-ray and we were told the only way to “fix” it would be by surgery.    So with tears in my eyes I took her in for surgery the very next day.   After hours of worrying, the doc called and said her surgery went smoothly and that I could come and pick her up.

I noticed after I brought her home she was kinda acting strange, but I just chalked it to being groggy from being under the anesthesia.    The next day I started to get worried because she wasn’t using the bathroom and she was still groggy.   She wasn’t sleeping, she would lay down in the litter box, and  she would stumble around the house like a drunk old man.   We took her back to the vet.   They said that the internal stitches might have broke and urine is leaking into her kidneys.    I then left her with the vet so they could get her back into surgery to repair the stitches.

After arriving home I prepared to start my work at home job.  About an hour after getting home, the vet contacted me.  I just knew it was bad because they were calling so soon.  They said Mindy was a very sick girl.  She would need to get into surgery ASAP to repair the damage, however, they needed to get her vitals up before the stress of another surgery.  After a few agonizing hours she was operated on again.

Then I got the dreaded call-

“The surgery went fine and we repaired the stitches.  But, and I am sorry to say this, her urethra is gone.  She cannot live without an urethra.  You will need to prepare yourself to say goodbye to her.”

Joe and I both were utterly devastated.  At this point with everything that had been going on I couldn’t cry anymore.  I had cried so much that at I didn’t have any tears left.

Joe and I immediately left to go and see her.  My poor baby was inside a incubator to keep her warm (most cats normal temp is higher than a humans; her’s was low.  She was so cold).   She had an IV attached to her paw.  She look dazed and confused.  I petted her and told her that I loved her so much.  At this point I was in denial.  I could not let her go.  I told Joe I wanted a second opinion.

The vet sent us immediately to Blue Pearl hospital.  It is a fairly large pet hospital in Tampa and they’ve got board certified vets who know their stuff.

A thunderstorm was brewing outside.   The thick sheets of rain drops pounded against  our truck,  as Joe, myself and Mindy braved the interstate during rush hour traffic to get to Blue Pearl which was across town.  I just could not put her to sleep knowing that her life could be saved.  Maybe I was being selfish but I knew I would regret not doing everything in my power to save her.

Before we left, the vet put Mindy back into her carrier with several blankets and a gel pack to keep her warm.  Although the outside was a hot and humid Florida day, Joe and I blasted the heater to keep her little paws warm.

Soaked, cold and tired we arrived at Blue Pearl.  After speaking with the hospital vet they said there were options to “re-grow” a new urethra.  However given the fact that Mindy was very sick and had already under gone two surgeries, she may not make it through a third surgery.

Mindy was in pain and although the doctor had put in a temporary catheter to help relieve some that pain, toxic urine had been leaking into her kidneys.  At this point I knew it was time.  As much as it hurt, I knew it was the right thing to do.  I didn’t want my baby girl to go on suffering.  We had to put her to sleep.

They brought us into a private room and Joe and I held onto her, gave her kisses and slowly stroked her fur.  We whispered into her ear about how much we loved her and how much of a good cat she was.   Then the vet put her to sleep and she was gone.  She crossed over the rainbow bridge. She was just barely 1 year old.

It was finally after 10 pm when Joe and I came home.   I thought that night was one the worst nights I had could ever have.  Waking up that morning and realizing she is now gone was worse.  He and I cried and held each other.  All day long the salty tears came with out warning.

To this day the doctor who operated on her, nor the doctors at the hospital know what could have caused her urethra to disappear.  The doc said it looked healthy when he operated her the day before.  He speculated that because she was adopted at the shelter she may have had a pre-existing health condition.

Each day is hard with out her.  I still miss her very much.    Every night  she used to hold onto my arm and we would snuggle together.  Now there’s an empty spot on bed.   Every time I’d floss my teeth, she get excited and chirp and meow. I’d  pull out a piece of the string and let her play.  Now there is a silence where there was once a meow.  The spot she laid on the couch is empty (above, the picture of her on the right is her laying on that spot). When I would sit at the computer she would jump into my lap and put her head up against my side.  She would purr and sigh with happiness.  Now my lap is empty.

Unfortunately the heart ache didn’t end there.  A week after I put her to sleep my mom’s cat Amanda got sick.  They suspected cancer.  She was laid to rest in their garden.  Just a few weeks ago my mom’s other cat Sydney had a stroke.  She could barely walk or even see.  She was laid to rest next to her sister Amanda in the garden.   My step father lost his dad as well during the month of June and I am so sorry for his loss.  May he rest in peace.  He is free of pain now.

Sorry for such a sad post.    Writing about tragic events in your life helps with the healing process.   I know some people say what happened to me isn’t tragedy.  A part of me didn’t even want to post this.  But I know sharing my story will help me and even others out there who have felt the same.  I am starting to feel better and I hope to start with the posting again.  I never did finish posting about my trip to Disney.  Maybe I will do that soon.

I will always love my Mindy.  You will be in heart forever.


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