Tail-less Tay-lor


After mending a broken heart after loosing our beloved Mindy, Joe and I decided to adopt a new fur ball.      Cindy was lonely and needed a new cat friend after loosing her sister Mindy, so we found Taylor at the local shelter.

I am a huge animal lover and I am big on saving as many lives as I can.  I always recommend adopting a rescue at your local shelter.  Please do not buy from breeders because it only encourages them.   Our local shelter had a special where for 20 bucks you adopt a cat, and they would vaccinate and spay/neuter them as well.

Joe and I will never forget when we spotted Taylor.  She had her cute little grey paws sticking out of the cage was meowing loudly at us as if she were saying “pick me! pick me!”  It kind of remind me of some 5 yr pig tailed girl crying out and waving her at the teacher while yelling, “pick me! pick me!  I want to be the line leader teacher!”  I picked her up and it was instant love.  As much as mine and Joe’s heart was still aching we knew we wanted this new baby kitten in our lives.    We also noticed her tail had a big huge gash on it and some fur on the tail was missing.   The volunteer at the shelter reassured us that she would be mended up before we adopted her.

See how bad her tail was?

When you adopt you have to wait a few days before you can take the kitten home because they have to do the surgery for the spaying/neutering.  Joe and I were impatient and so the very next day we decided to visit her again.  It was almost closing time and no one was around to take her out of the cage.   We reached our hands through the steel beams and stroked her fur.   Then, all of sudden the messed up part of her tail got caught between the beams of the cage, we heard a screech, then plop,  about 1/2 of her tail landed on the floor.   Joe stood there shocked.  I screamed and ran for help.      Through all the chaos we find out that a portion of her tail was starting to go bad and that they were to amputate most of her tail before we took her home.   Because she was a stray the volunteers had no idea what happened to her tail.  They suspected it probably got stuck in a door or maybe she laid her tail on an outside a.c. unit.

This how she got her name.  Get it…Tay (as in tail) lor?  🙂  Yeah we are corny huh?


She is such a sweet pie but a bad little thing at the same time.  She is like a two-year because she gets into EVERYTHING!  She likes to stick her paw into her food bowl and scoop the kibbles on the floor.   She loves to push the kibbles around the kitchen tile.    She also went through this horrible phase where she would scoop her poop out of the litter box and play with the poop.  She would bat it around, again on the tile floor.   It was a nightmare having to give her a bath to clean her “poopy paws” off.    Now we sometimes call her by her nickname of poopy paws.  hehehe.

After amputating most of her tail, or what was left of it, she had to wear a pink neck brace to keep her from messing with it while it healed.

She is such a snuggle bug.  Right now she passed out on my side of the bed.  Her raison colored paws holding  my pillow, while little squeaks come softly through her raisin color mouth and nose.

As much as I will always miss Mindy, I am glad we were able to save another life.   Taylor is about 4 mths old and lives the life of a princess.  She spends her days chasing her sister Cindy and lounging by the window, soaking in the hot sun.   She’s very playful and just like my Mindy, she loves playing the floss game.  I call Taylor my floss monster.  🙂


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