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Lately I’ve been on this whole lunch box kick.  I am determined to put some variety back into my eating.    I did a little research online and found out how popular these bento lunch boxes were. It’s time to ditch those brown paper sacks everyone.  They are a hit among mom’s and kids or the average desk worker.   Well I didn’t want to spend 15 bucks on divided Tupperware so I settled for the Ziploc brand ones.

Upon doing my research I realized something.   I found this cool website where parents would take pictures of their child’s lunches in the bento lunch box.   I was actually jealous of some of those kids.  There parent’s had lots of time on their hands as they made pretzel sticks into haunted houses.   Here one of my favorite and very creative lunches I saw:

What I also noted was the variety of healthy food.   My mind and palate began to expand.  If a parent could back a healthy, wholesome lunch then this 30 something could too.

So here is what I started as what’s in your lunch box?  Drawing upon inspiration from the various photo’s and still wanting something grown up but healthy too, my first meal I settled on was this:

WHAT’S IN MY LUNCH BOX?  I made a chicken ceasar wrap- grilled roasted chicken with lettuce, tomato, yogurt based casear dressing from Bolthouse Farms, and sprinkled parmesan cheese, all tucked inside a 5 grain wrap.   I also have a fruit salad, blueberries, strawberries and grapes, and then for a pm snack- apple and a side of Justin’s honey almond butter.

I didn’t realize so much colorful, healthy foods could be joined together like this.  When you see all laid out in one easy platter, doesn’t it make you want to eat it?  Do you still want to unwrap that fried chicken sandwich with a side of fries?  I’ve made a few other lunches this week that were equally as colorful and flavorful.  Just the other day I had a cucumber, tomato, lettuce and turkey sandwich with a slice of creamy havarti cheese.  For a side I had a tangerine.  Snack was  greek yogurt and fresh blueberries.  Next week I want to try a recipe I found on Iowa Girl eats.  It’s a  chicken salad sandwich that uses yogurt instead of  mayo.  Check out this guide lunch box pictures and to draw some inspiration. Hopefully this will help resist the urge for a fast food run on your next lunch break.

So I want to seem some photos of your “bento” lunch box.  You don’t have to spend lots of money.  I bought my ziploc containers on sale at Target.  I got 2 containers I think for around 2-3 bucks.    To get you in the mood here are some options

  •   honey whole wheat wrap w/ apples (or banana) and almond/peanut butter.  Add some string cheese on the side.

  •  crackers and humus
  •  pasta with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and some broccoli
  • turkey apple sandwich (turkey, thinly sliced apples, swiss cheese and light honey mustard on 5 grain bread or whole wheat
  • Chips and salsa or mix it up with salsa verde.  Add some home made pico de gallo.  Make it even healthier with a black bean burrito with low fat cheese.

Use lots of fruits and veggies- think tomato, cucumber, carrots, apples, bananas, berries, grapes, celery avocado.  Add some protein with turkey, string cheese or almond butter.   I try to stay away from sauces and if I do then I make sure its light. Sometimes I try to sacrifice the cheese, too (not always though).


I decided that if I am going to be on my health eating kick I might as well put on my tennis shoes again.  However if I am going to put them on I should do some good while I am at it.  Sometime in November the organization PETA has a race called the PETA PACK.   If you don’t live in the area to join the race, you can sign up for a race in your home time that is near the date of the PETA PACK race.   I decided to gear up for the Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Run.  It’s for a good cause and how can you not have fun with a Disney race?  The track runs through Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando.  It is on November 10, so I have about 3 months to shape up.   There is also an half marathon that night that run’s through both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.  It looks EPIC!  I’d love to do a half marathon but I don’t think I am in enough shape for that.  Maybe next year?  It’s called the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  Signing up for the half marathon also allows participants special after hours at the Wine and Dine Festival!

PETA PACK’S website has a training schedule you can follow to help get you in shape.  It starts tomorrow.  Here is the link if you want to get more information to join or just follow the training schedule.  Every week they will post a video with lots of tips and tricks.   The first video was posted and it talked about what type of gear you bring/wear on a 5k.


So  who is with me?  Pack those healthy lunches and join me on this journey.  If I can train for a 5k so can you!  It’s only 3 miles.  With the healthy lunches, your body with be in prime shape in no time.  So post your pictures, either of your lunch boxes or you training for your race.  And post some comments as you begin this journey with me.


Below find the links mentioned in this blog to get your started eating healthier and training for a race.  Just click on the picture to take you there.

1. Pictures so delicious that you want to have lunch now! Find some inspiration through these photos.

2. Find a meal everyday of the year.  365 days lunch menu.

3. PETA PACK race details.

4. Disney’s 5k Race- Mickey’s Jingle Jungle.  As well as the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon.


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