The Best of Fall

I am so happy that fall is almost here!  The kiddos are back in school (less traffic at the mall on the weekdays-  hip hip hooray),  the weather will start to cool down AND let’s not forgot pumpkin donuts and pumpkin lattes! Oh and Halloween (my favorite holiday…yes I love Halloween more than Christmas).

The one thing I hate about living in Florida is no real change of seasons (no fall foliage).  No pretty leaves changing  to shades of gold, reds and oranges.  No cider mills that give you cinnamon sugar donuts and apple cider.  I tried to convince Joe to move to Tennessee.  But nope, uh uh, no way no how.  He said after 25+ years of living through the arctic winters of Michigan he is over the cold weather.   And, well, moving to Florida was the best thing that happened to him ( after all, he met his native southern belle here in town….hehehe).  I just don’t get how he can love the heat, humidity, bugs and flat land.  Even when its 90 degrees he’ll lather himself up with cocoa butter and suntan lotion, walk outside wearing his blue hula swim trunks and perfect his suntan.  He’s worse than a woman when it comes to his tanning!   Me, on the other hand am as white as snow (hey I’d rather have nice skin when I am old).  In fact we have this long running joke that we are an “interracial couple” (he’s so dark from his tan and I am so pale).  Speaking of being white as snow, I’ve been here all my life and have never travel to a place where it snows.    Maybe I can convince him to fly to his hometown during Christmas and spend it with his family, instead of mine, this year.   Yeah. Right. That’s like saying I love to get a root canal.

Ok moving on.  Well it may not be fall on the outside but I can certainly create an autumn harvest inside my house To get in the fall spirit, I drove up to the mall to Bath and Body Works and stocked up on candles and wall flowers.   The new fall line is coming out and I can’t wait to get my hands on that bonfire maple wood.  To make my house smell like a log cabin in the mountains, I bought marshmallow fireside (the smell of roasting sweet vanilla marshmallows on a woodsy bonfire), spiced cider (smells like apple cider, though I didn’t care for this one as much) and cinnamon nut bread (smells like eating hot pancakes with maple syrup and cinnamon powdered sugar).

Recently I’ve been concocting homemade and comforting fall goodies.   My favorite fall food, other than pumpkin, is butternut squash.  I had some left over from a previous feast and decided to make a butternut squash pasta with a creamy garlic parmesan sauce.   I roasted butter nut squash in the oven (sprinkled a bit of sweet basil and drizzled olive oil on it).   Along side the roasted butter nut squash was roasted tomatoes which were tossed in to make my pasta healthier.  Chopped up bake chicken went into the pasta as well (olive oil on the bottom of a glass pan and then I put a few tablespoons of Bolthouse farms caesar dressing and oregano on top of chicken- it was very tasty).  The sauce was my favorite part.   Milk, butter, garlic and parmesan cheese mixed together in a sauce pan.   The great thing about this pasta is that you add or take out what you don’t like.  It’s healthy and you get a serving of veggies and protein.  Some other ideas to add in- peppers, onions, yellow squash or mushrooms.

Here are some Fall Favorites-  

(most of these items have the link, so just click on the picture)

Fall Scents

Outfit to wear to that bonfire

Sweet Treats

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Buttercream


Crumbed Top Apple Slab Pie

Warm and cozy centerpiece for your table

Take a walk with your honey and have a picnic

Cabin in the mountains

Knock your socks off and keep your warm drink

Go hiking and take some beautiful photos like this one

Make a bonfire

DIY Craft ideas for the home

Caramel Apple bites

I just want to give her a kiss on her nose.  

Yum…. comfort food to warm up that belly- Baked mac n’ cheese.  Stay indoors by your fireplace and make this for dinner.

Bottle of Boos.   I know it’s a bit too early for Halloween but I couldn’t resist.  😉

Season Landscapes

Creepy but cool

And last but not least,  What’s on your fall bucket list?



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