Eatin’ oreos on the balcony at the Waldorf Astoria

As I mentioned in the last post – She’s having a girl!–  I went on a mini getaway to Naples with Joe.  Our romp through paradise coast was met with happy times.  Summer was now officially over and hardly anyone was there.  We ended up staying during the week which was an added plus in making this a ghost town of sorts. From what I have heard Naples “season” is November – May when all of the snow birds flock their feathers down south.

Staying during off season meant that we scored an awesome deal on our pick of hotels because we ended bunking at the Waldorf Astoria.


At check-in a slight dilemma beared onto our path of blissfulness.  Joe and I are never the type of people to yell, complain and ask for the manager. This served as a sigh of relief for the pretty young girl at the concierge desk. In fact she was nice enough to offer up an upgraded room for our complications.

A room on the 14th floor (technically the 13th, but as suspicions goes, the buttons in the elevator only had 12 and 14.) it had hot tub and walk in shower.   So far this vacation is looking pretty good.  Then, Joe and I stumbled out onto the balcony   Wow.  Just wow.  The view was AMAZING!



It was getting late and Joe and I were hungry so we headed out to a local pizza joint for dinner.  When we came back we ended with a night cap of mint oreos, milk and watched the sun set from the 14th floor balcony at the Waldorf Astoria.

The next day we found ourselves trekking to the beach.  The hotel sits on a  mangrove estuary preserve.  A boardwalk takes you through the preserve to the beach.  It’s approximately a 1/2 mile long and the hotel offers a “trolley” to transport its guests.  Being that I am part healthy and part miss adventure,  Miss Healthy Girl Adventures and her Mr. Junk food Junkie (aka:  Joe) decide that we would walk and enjoy nature at its best.

We got down the to the water front and took a walk along the shoreline, snapping vacation memory shots along our route.   In one of the photos I got soaked because I decided to be cute and sit on the rock.  Little did I realize that I big wave would come and slap me in the tush.  Oh well….its the price you pay for trying to take cute photos to upload to your blog.  HAHAHA.  🙂




A huge monsoon came over  the entire area of Naples.  The rain and lightning nixed our idea of walk through downtown.  Instead we had an early at Joe’s Crab Shack .  Joe decided to be daring and eat crab because he has never had it.  Me on the other hand decided to play it safe with my panko crusted chicken and veggies.


We came, we ate and we played.   Oh and I found a baby garden snake swimming in the pool!  Joe swore it was just some debris from a tree but I saw the way it was gliding in the water.  He picked it up and sure enough it was indeed a snake.  Jokingly I quipped that a complaint was in order so that we could get an upgrade to the penthouse suite.  Ha!  Joe ended up putting Mr.  Snake in the bushes were he belonged.

On our last day we checked out the ritzy shopping area called 5th Avenue.  Rows of high end boutiques and fancy restaurants lined the the palm tree lane.  I found a few gems among the glitz:  a spice store  (I bought a parmesan garlic seasoning) and Kilwin’s which serves sweet treats (we left the store with a few slices of fudge).

Naples was a much needed vacation.   It was so peaceful and relaxing.  Joe said he would even consider moving there.  Oh Naples we will be back!  Looking forward to another evening of oreos on the balcony.


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