Mexi-Bowl and Fitness Dvds

I had the most fabulous, delicious veggie dish for dinner and I wanted to share it with you-

Black Bean and Corn Mexi-bowl

1 can of black beans
1 can of sweet corn
1 small onion
1 small green pepper
1 tomato
1 avocado
1 packet of 90 second spanish rice (you can use regular rice if you choose to do so)
1-2 tsp of olive oil
additional toppings- salsa, lettuce, grilled chicken, sour cream or cheese

chop up the onion and green pepper into small pieces and saute for about 5 mins on med to med high until soft. While they are sautéing go ahead and pour your beans (drained) and corn into a pot and cook on med. When the onions and peppers are cooked, mix them in with black beans and corn. Heat the entire mixture for a few minutes, be careful not to burn. If you haven’t already chop up your tomato and avocado into cubes.

Then take the 90 second rice and cook according to the package. Now start layering- First add the rice, followed by the bean/corn mixture, then top it off with the avocado and tomato  You can additional toppings. To keep mine healthy I added Pineapple salsa, lettuce and a tbs of crumbled sharp cheddar cheese. You can add grilled chicken, a sprinkle of cilantro or even sour cream. Feel free to experiment and add or discard items.

This dish was delicious, easy to make and healthy!

In other news, I’ve been very good with trying to loose weight after 30! I think I’m starting to get the hang out this new routine. If you are subscribed to my Facebook page then you’ve seen some of things I’ve learned along the way.

So far this journey is challenging yet rewarding. After two full weeks of eating better and carrying out a consistent fitness schedule, I feel so light and HAPPY! Before eating my Mexi-Bowl for dinner, I did two 20 minute workouts. I started out with a cardio/strength sweat session from Spark People called 28 Day Boot-camp. After finishing that up I got to try this new dvd I bought at Best Buy on Saturday. It is called Core 30 Fusion 30 Day Sculpt.

Oh my! I don’t know if anyone of you out there have ever done a workout from the Core Fusion series, but let me tell you how much it kicked my butt! It’s supposed to give a toned and defined body by incorporating yoga, strength and cardio. Seeing the words yoga and 20 minutes I thought it would be a relaxing way to end my workout and evening. Uh……no. I was sweating and in pain. My arms were burning. The trainers in the dvd get you moving. It’s a continuous work out. Not your typical sit on your butt, relax and meditate type of yoga work out. I like this series so much I want to go and buy the Core Abs and Arms.

I can’t believe October is almost over. I’ll be doing my mud run in a few weeks too. Tomorrow I am going to do a full blog post so I can give you guys more details. Would anyone be interested in a give a way for free admission to the mud run? Speaking of October being almost over……..The holidays are coming up on us ya’ll! Walmart and Home Depot are putting out lights and decorations on the sale floor. Do you think it’s too soon to start selling Christmas items before Halloween or Thanksgiving? Anyone have special Halloween plans like taking the kiddies trick or treating, a party or a hay ride? Don’t you just love this time of year when the weather starts to cool down, you start baking and you put on that comfy sweater?


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