Pretty Muddy and two giveaways- Bachelorette Prize Package and 1 free ticket!!!

***UPDATE- The deadline has been extended until Monday November 3 so I can give people more time to sign up for the giveaway.****

On you mark….
Get set….

As I mentioned briefly on my other blog posts I am gearing up for a mud run coming into Tampa on November 10.  It is going to be EPIC.  This isn’t your normal race. There will obstacle courses and mud, lots of it! It is a 5k course (3 miles) and you can run or walk your way between the obstacles.  Be prepared to get pretty sweaty and pretty muddy, for it will be pretty awesome! It’ll be something I’ve never experienced. I will be out of my element. I’m not afraid. I am just going close my eyes and go for it! And you should too. People always go on about exercise is boring. Or, they complain about being tired or how they wish they could change something in their life. Well maybe this is your chance….your chance to become FEARLESS. This will be your chance to have fun, laugh and meet new people.

I am huge neat freak and a huge GERMAPHOBIC.  The idea of getting dirt under my finger nails grosses me out. I am careful and calculated  I worry about too many things (like falling and hurting myself). Enough is enough I say. That is why I signed up for this. When I am an old lady laying warm in my bed I want to say that I experienced things when I was young. I want to say that I got to have unique experiences and met amazing people. I like to take on difficult challenges that are rewarding. These are the reasons I am doing this mud run. And this won’t be the last one.  Plus from what I hear this is an awesome finale at the finish line (music, entertainment and other goodies).

At the Pretty Mud Run its just about letting your hair done and having a good time.  You don’t have to worry about guys checking you out, crying babies, or spilled wine on your blouse. This is about getting you and your girlfriends together and putting together matching, cute costumes- just think of the stories you be able tell and the pictures you can share with everyone.

To give you an idea of what the mud run is about visit their website:

Here are some pictures of the 2012 mud run that has already taken place in other cities across the good ol’ US OF A. I took these pictures from the Pretty Muddy facebook page.



So do I have you interested yet? If you want to sign up go here. You can use my code healthygirladventures for $10 off the admissions price:

Currently they are looking for volunteers to help run this event.  The shift runs from  6:30am-10:30am, 10am-2pm, and 1:30pm-6pm. Some duties include checking participants in and giving them their t-shirt and bib, in the Gear Check Tent (where participants put their belongings while they race and enjoy the post race party), picking up trash around the festival area and changing area, or out on the course cheering participants on at the obstacles. Keep in mind there are no sitting areas so you will be on your feet and walking most of the time.


First of all I am giving away 1 free ticket for admission to the race. To enter all you have to do comment below. The give away closes on Saturday at 2:00 PM, October 27, 2012. I will announce the winners sometime afterwards.

Secondly, here is another AWESOME giveaway for a bride to be (or maybe your a bridesmaid and knows of a bride to be). Webwire is hosting this prize and you will need to visit their website for more info and to enter.

Oh and one last thing. If you want to score some great Pretty Muddy attire (flip flops, iphone cover, tshirts) head on over to their store.

***UPDATE- The deadline has been extended until Monday November 3 so I can give people more time to sign up for the giveaway.****


9 thoughts on “Pretty Muddy and two giveaways- Bachelorette Prize Package and 1 free ticket!!!

  1. How should I train for the run? You train and build your endurance up like you would for pretty much any 5k run, except for ours you will need to start with looking in the mirror and saying “Hey there you sexy mud runner. You’re looking good.” It may help if you practice getting sprayed with a garden hose, and rolling around in the mud and then running through the car wash so you’re prepared for the muddy – foamy factor. If you choose to roll around in sand, do realize those are NOT tootsie-rolls and be careful.

    • Nope you didn’t miss it. I’ve extended the deadline date until Sunday. Though I may continue to extend it because I want to give people extra time to sign up for the giveaway. 🙂

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  3. I just started running last month, I am training to do a 1/2 marathon. I just moved across the country and Tampa is a new area for me. I would love to meet runners as well as challenge myself by completing a tough mudder event!

  4. I’d love to win the ticket!! I’m just getting back into shape after seeing my kids leave the nest. It’s me time now!! I joined a gym and so far have lost 20lbs!! This would be such a huge motivator!!! Thanks!!

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