Looking for Ideas to liven up my blog

As I mentioned on my facebook page this evening there are lots of changes coming.  Change is a good thing, right? I don’t like to get stuck in a rut. Monotony is not my thing.  So, I am asking you, my wonderful readers, on what you want to see.

Here are some of my thoughts and topics

  • Looking good while eating out (tips on eating at fast food and restaurants)
  • Tips for making a better blog
  • Healthy eating on a budget
  • Staying fit with pets
  • Various topics about my life’s ups and downs while trying to stay fit
  • New idea- Vloging!


Thoughts? Ideas? I want both the good and the bad. I can take it. I want to be a better blogger with good content. One idea I mentioned in the list above is vlogging. My friend and I were pushing around the idea of doing a youtube channel about healthy cooking and reviewing cool stuff like the yonanas maker.

Thats all I have for today. Again, don’t forget to enter the contest for the Mud Run. Don’t be a procrastinator! You have until Saturday to enter. Don’t wait until the last-minute. Go here for the detail and to enter.


2 thoughts on “Looking for Ideas to liven up my blog

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