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So today is the official voting day.  Like 99% of the population you are ready for the election to be over. Raise your hand if you are tired of the junk mail, phone calls, TV ads and Facebook posts? Uhhh…I’m not just raising my hand, I am thrashing my arm around.  Oh sugar it all ends today! I bet your Facebook pages have blown from your friends’ status updates announcing that they voted. As much as we hate to hear all about the hoopla, my cousin summed it best – (her words not mine) “Remember that the right to vote wasn’t gift wrapped w/ a shiny bow or handed over willingly to anyone… always be appreciative of those who have fought and continue to fight for our freedoms & equality for all. They didn’t bust their asses so you could sit on yours! GO VOTE. :o)”


Working out is fun, loosing weight isn’t. Living in 2012 the word “app” is a pretty familiar term. Apps simplify our life. Christmas shopping at Target and want to compare prices for that coffee maker? Dollars to donuts, there’s an app for that.  Can’t figure out what to make for dinner tonight? Or maybe you found a recipe but not sure what items to pick up at the grocery store? Yep there’s an app for that too.

Fitness apps are so great. They track what you eat, how many miles you ran, track your heart rate, and even include exercise videos to follow along too. Whats better than a fitness app? Those that are FREE! And buddy I’ve got just the ticket for you. Introducing two fitness apps-

  1. BOOST by Peak Wellness
  2. SimKicker

I just signed up for both programs which means I can only give you an introduction. As I go further along in the programs I’ll continue to blog and give you my opinion on the effectiveness of these apps. Seriously though these programs couldn’t have come at a better time. With Herculean effort, I strive to loose 10 lbs during the….. HOLIDAYS! First of all you know you how difficult that is? Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, are parties, cookie exchanges and office potlucks. Not to mention the big Turkey dinner on Thanksgiving and Christmas. In my fight against fat I’ve done a terrible job today. Right now I am sheepishly hanging my guilty head over here. Why? Because my sweet tooth won the fight at Walgreen this afternoon, for I could not resist the Ghiradelli Limited Edition Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark. Yep, I bought a bag.  Like my thighs really need chocolate. hahaha…..

See let me give you run down on these fitness apps.


Tired of the same old challenges and exercise routine? If you are in a fitness rut then this program is right for you. Follow the advice of the two founders, Graeme Thomas and Chris, and get Back On Track With A BOOST From Peak Wellness!

It is a 28 day challenge based upon accountability. When you sign up you must recruit a partner who can keep you accountable. I’m not sure what all this entails but the sign up form asks for your partner’s email address.

There are 3 challenges to choose from –

  • The Peak Wellness Total Body Fitness Challenge
  • The Peak Wellness Cardio Challenge
  • The Peak Wellness 28 Day Eat Clean Challenge

I signed up for the Total Body Fitness Challenge.

You have access to real human coaches and 24/7 access to all the diet and training tools. Best of all its FREE. The only thing to keep in mind is that they place a cap on how many people can join a challenge. I’m guessing they open up the registration again after a 28 day challenge is completed. Once I start the program I can give you more info. Not sure if there is space open now.  Go and explore their website and see if you can sign up. 

Contact them-


What to know?

  • It is a rewards/points based system that tracks your food and exercise  You get points for eating healthier foods and working out.
  • When you rack up enough points and gain a level you can “reward” yourself
  • You have access to a virtual coach who provides you with personalized feedback based on your activity.  There are challenges you can join too.
  • Join challenges.  Challenges can make tracking your healthy habits and reaching your goals so much more exciting.  Participating in a challenge is also the best way to increase your points total, and level up.
  • Upload an image of your reward. Seeing your reward makes you work even harder. You can reward yourself with a beauty/spa package, new outfit, a purse or a movie. Be creative. A healthier you deserves to be rewarded.
  • Access to forums. Looking for that kick, inspiration or have a specific diet/fitness question then ask away on the forum. Get started in the right direction with support from others that use SlimKicker.
  • Try and sign up at their website

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