Tennis Shoes, Tiaras and Tutus – Pretty Muddy Race Recap

After blogging about the upcoming race and talking about it to my friends and family the day had finally arrived! It was time to get Pretty Muddy. Again I made the hour drive to Dade City. Luckily I was just here last night so I knew where to go.

The race is at place called Little Everglades Ranch. The ranch is a beauty; a golden gem hidden off the main road. Upon arriving the first thing I did was check in. The check in process was seamless and fiasco free. The excitement start to well up inside. Grinning from ear to ear,I pinned my bib to my t-shirt. I was # 308. It was official. I felt so important to be at my first race.  Next, I checked my gear in and got ready to have some mud kickin’ fun! One of the awesome girls, Jess, whom I met at the dinner last night was volunteering at the gear check booth.

Pretty Muddy is a women’s only 5k race with obstacle courses. It is not timed. A few weeks ago Courtney contacted me.  They wanted bloggers to buzz about the event and spread the mud run fever. I was offered free registration for my participation. I’ve never done a mud run much less any kind of race. It was time to put my fear aside. Yeahhh baby! I was in.

I didn’t bring my camera on the course. I was afraid of dropping it the mud. There were photographers on the course and once they upload those photos I’ll post them. This way you will see how muddy I got.

I am going to give you a recap of what I experienced. Since I am going by memory I might get things out of order or miss something. If you would like to see what the course looked like visit Meghann at Meals and Miles. She took photos with her water proof camera.

The race is done is waves. I believe about every 30 minutes another wave of girls starts the course. My wave time was at 8:30 am.

First up- Running through bubbles! They wanted to get us psyched up. What can you not like about bubbles?  Little did we know what lay ahead.

We all then came across a small pond. It was cold and my first instinct is to run around it not in it. Like a pack of wild horses the girls ahead of me splashed on through. What’s there to loose? I am here to be fearless and let go of my restraints. Onward march! Pushing any seconds thoughts aside I trekked through the water and came out with sopping socks. I could hear little squeaks as the water sloshed around in my shoes.

Jogging with wet feet the next obstacle was up- jumping into a pile up mud. The moment my pink sneakers and I hopped in, I sank to the bottom. It was like being stuck in concrete. I couldn’t move.  Making my way to end of the pit I emerged with muddy knees and shoes so caked with mud they looked like clown shoes. Yet, I felt so FEARLESS! I felt so FREE! A girl who hates getting dirty and constantly washes her hands was getting down in a mud pit. My boyfriend Joe will be so proud!

The rest of the obstacles ahead were fairly easy and lots of fun:

  • Wood your rather- you had to pick up a long timber and carry on your back as you go around the loop
  • Mudslide- going up a ladder and then sliding into a pit of mud. Ok, I’ll admit it. This was the only obstacle I skipped. I just couldn’t face a muddy butt.  hahaha
  • Over and Out- First you had to scale a small sized wood fence. Then you got on your hands and knees in the mud and crawled under the fence. Oh so messy but oh so fun! I was laughing the whole time.
  • The beach ball pit- sounds simple enough but the balls kept on coming. I was being attacked by balls and couldn’t make my way out!  Ahhhhh!
  • Over and under- Like at an army boot camp you had to skip/jump through a web of rope. Off course Miss Klutzy(aka: me) tripped. Then full on army style you got on your hands and knees as you crawled through a mud pit. Getting up I wiped my muddy hands on my shorts and jogged to the next obstacle.
  • More fence scaling. This time they were a bit higher.

They saved the best for last.   A large and deep mud pit. Coming up to the finish line I saw it. It was aptly named mud bath. Yep I am in for a real treat. Who needs a fancy spa when I can get a mud bath at the Pretty Muddy race?

I captured two girls who just crawled through that same mud pit. The ran to the finish line together.

This is it Nicole. You can do it. Remember your motto: what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Guess what? I did it. I sank deep into that mud. Mud was splattered across my pony girl mustang shirt and at that moment nothing felt so good as to be muddy. Then I crossed that finish line.

For some who has never ran a race, crossing that finish line was the greatest. I felt like Jack on Titanic. I was ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

I headed over the “showers” to clean off the mud. The showers were a bunch of hoses; everyone took turns rinsing. Right to side of the hoses was a changing area with curtains. You had your own small private changing area. Then it was picture time. I captured some great photos of the others girls coming through the Finish line:

The one thing I wish I did was put together a costume.  Almost every girl was dressed up. Next year I’ll definitely be sporting a tutu or a cape. Each wave had a contest for best dressed. My running has a drinking problem was the winner for the wave after mine:

I thought all of the costumes were great. They gave me good ideas for next year. Being a pet lover and the “momma” to 2 kittens, my favorite was the Cat Girls

The pink, yellow and green neon colors stand out well against the black tar. This shouts 1980’s and I love that. :

More photos of the costume contest:

There are so many things I loved about this race. No matter your size or age or fitness level, almost every woman can participate. This isn’t a timed race. You don’t have big, muscular and burly men pushing you out of the wave. You can take all day walking the course if you need too. It was just girls having a good time. Everyone was so nice and we all helped and cheered each other on.

This wasn’t a timed contest to see who is the fastest and strongest. This was a time to let go and have a good time with the girls. Next year I will run the Pretty Muddy 2013 race. Now after doing this I don’t know if I can do a boring old 5k. The obstacle courses kept you from getting bored and tired. I couldn’t believe how quickly each mile passed by. I enjoy a good challenge and this Mud Run was all that I could have expected.  I would love to see more ladies only mud runs. I hope next year is bigger, better and muddier. See you soon Pretty Muddy.


17 thoughts on “Tennis Shoes, Tiaras and Tutus – Pretty Muddy Race Recap

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  7. This was my first actual race loved every minute of it!!! My mom and I have been training together for this! I will have to say I was not prepared to run on all that unleveled ground! That part was hard for me!!! But my mom and I had the best time we have every had! Now I have signed up for the Color Me Rad race in April!!! Looks like a lots of fun!!! I enjoyed meeting everyone, everyone was super sweet!! Can’t wait to do it again!!!!!

    • I am so glad to hear you and your mom had such a great time. I bet it was a good bonding experience. Think of the pictures you have to look back on. 🙂 I know everyone was so very nice. I liked how we all got along and help one another. The Never heard of the Color Me Rad. I’ll have to google it and check it out. Good luck on that race. Is your mom going with you again?

    • Thank you Mindy. I am glad you liked my blog post! It’s too bad you couldn’t have gone. It was such a blast. If you have the chance go next year. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to do a giveaway again so someone can get a free ticket. Have you ever any type of mud run or race?

  8. This was an AWESOME recap of Pretty Muddy Tampa…my daughter and I did it together (were in the in the 8:00 a.m. wave), and we had a BLAST. She’s a runner; I’m not – didn’t matter…we still had a wonderful time! Thanks for such a great report!

  9. Great recap! I had no idea that this was your first race. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did so awesome! I loved all the costumes too and I plan to dress more outrageous next time for sure!

    • Thanks Denise. Congrats to you too. We all had such a good time. I liked your tiara- so cute. Yep I think I’ll do something outrageous and crazy as well. I think the crazier you get the better the outfit becomes. 🙂

  10. Congrats on an awesome race! I’ve done three mud runs and Pretty Muddy was definitely a favorite. I loved the no-pressure feel of the event and it was just plain FUN!! 🙂

    • Thanks Meghann! Congrats to you too. Thats what I liked too- no pressure, just girls having fun. I can’t wait to meet all of the rest of the TBLB in person so I can run with ya’ll at the next event. 🙂

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