My New Running Sneakers and a New Fitness Opportunity to Help Me Reach My Weight Loss Goal of 10 lbs

Since I got “pretty” muddy, my shoes were “pretty” much ruined. They brand I had was Champion and I really liked that pair. As crazy as it sounds, that pair was the only sneakers I owned. Needing shoes ASAP  (I couldn’t stand going a day with out some of sort of physical activity), but on a tight budget, I drove to Target on my lunch break. Atop the shelves I found a nice pair of running shoes by Champion for the special price of $19.99.  I never experienced any type of ankle, knee or foot injuries with my  previous pair. I wore them for all sorts of physical activity: running, doing jump jacks, walking all day at Disney World etc. Scanning the rack I found my size. Seven. It was the only pair in my size left. Without a second thought I grabbed those puppies and off to the registers I went.

That evening I tried them on. I don’t know if it was the manufacturer or the last person who tried them on but goodness they were so snug against my feet! It is hard to explain but the way the shoelaces had been laced is what made them so tight. After putting them I pranced around room, showing them off to the only audience I had: Joe (my boyfriend) and the kitties. Neither party was impressed. “Those shoes look great baby!” Joe exclaimed as he was playing Forza, an Xbox racing game.  Cindy, the older of the two cats, let out soft meow and scampered down the hallway. Taylor had no interest. She was in attack mode as she spied on the cardinal outside my window.  It was funny to watch her. Like a warrior singing his battle song, a medley of chirps escaped her parted lips. Her body hung low to the ground, ears back, and her green eyes staring straight ahead. Poor bird. I could only imagine what Taylor would have done had she gotten her paws on him. Luckily both bird and kitten were separated by a thick pane of glass.

I wanted to give those sneakers a test run but I couldn’t because Joe and I went to Sonnys BBQ for dinner. Sugar, let me tell you, Sonny’s is the place for BBQ. Cheap prices and good food, you can never go wrong or be disappointed.  Joe got the all-u-can-eat sliced pork and I got the pulled chicken.  Anyway, moving on. Yesterday I finally got the chance to try them out! First snacking on my cliff bar I then headed out the door. With sweat pouring down my face I ran 1 & 1 /2 miles in them.  There were no new shoe blisters or soreness. I love them! They fit me perfectly and I am one happy customer.

I am excited to share with you some news. I partnered up with Plaza Fitness The gym is located in downtown Tampa at the Bank of America Building. It is in the basement. I am still working out the details with the owner, but my goal is to blog about my experiences with the gym as I continue to lose my goal of 10 lbs. The gym has a personal trainer name Wes. According to his business card, he will come to your home for sessions and he does weight-loss and nutrition as well. I hope to have more information for you guys about Plaza Fitness, Wes and my weight loss goal sometime next week. Until then have a great day. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Who’s ready for Friday? I sure am.

Patrick (from Sponge Bob Square Pants). All he is needs is a pina colada! 🙂

Cindy watching me, wondering why I was taking pictures of shoes, a pink stuffed animal and a protein bar. I’m sure my neighbors wondered the same! If people only knew what we fitness bloggers must sacrifice and do.


5 thoughts on “My New Running Sneakers and a New Fitness Opportunity to Help Me Reach My Weight Loss Goal of 10 lbs

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  3. I love love love Spongebob Squarepants 🙂 so your Patrick Starfish doll made me smile. My boyfriend teases me about it but I love it proudly! 🙂

    The Pretty Muddy photos look fantastic! I hope to participate next time. Great job completing it! Hope to see you at the cookie exchange too. Can’t wait to meet you and other bloggers in the area! I’m pretty new to Tampa since moving down from PA after college and I’m always trying to make new friends in a NON creepy way HAHA

    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the new shoes!

    • Hi Grace. Glad you like my pics! My boyfriend Joe is a HUGE Patrick friend. I actually tease him about it. Joe will be happy to know he’s not the only one. I’ll tell him to love it proudly too. 🙂 Yes definitely participate next year. I believe they are taking applications for bloggers next year. I can send you the link. I hear ya on making friends. I’m in the same boat. I don’t have too many girlfriends so I am always looking to form friendships in a non creepy way myself. hahaha. Hope you have a great weekend too. 😀

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