The Holidays and More…..

What a crazy day!  As I mentioned before I was going to have a personal training session with Wes from Plaza Fitness. Today was the day. Wow, I did not realize how out of shape my body was and how incorrect my form was. I’ve always been a cardio babe. Running, walking, jogging  biking, swimming or running up and down stairs I could do it. Today Wes had me do lots of strength training circuits  What I did not expect was to have my heart rate pumping and feeling breathless, oh, and my legs feel like jello. I thought only cardio could do that to you! It was such a great work out. I’m only giving a small blurb because sometime this week I am going to do a full post with pictures. Yep I’ve got pictures of me looking not very fabulous   Hahaha I got sweat pouring down my forehead and I’m making those strange faces. You know what I’m talking about. Your concentrating so much on holding those weights and keeping your form that a smile is the last thing on your mind. I’m telling I was in serious concentration zone.

So I’ve got a few things I want to bring/share with you. I’ve already touched on these topics on my Facebook page. However I know some of my readers are not subscribed to my page and vice versa to the Facebook readers.


Thanksgiving is almost here. Which means Christmas is thatmuchcloser. Are you excited? I sure am. This year I might participate in Black Friday. I’ve always avoided it. Chaos, crowds, long lines, not to mention being up in the middle night when I could be warm in my bed sleeping is really not my cup of tea. My cell phone broke because I dropped it in a cup of water.  I need a new phone. I was thinking of finally getting a smart phone. Yep  you heard me right. I’ve been the proud owner of a Pink Flip phone – The Razor – for many years. I love it. It makes phone calls. I mean what else do you need a cell PHONE for?  Hahaha. All of my friends tell me otherwise. If there is a good deal I might consider venturing out. Hmmm well, I seriously doubt I will. I’m sure it would make for a good blog post! I could only imagine what sort of adventures I would find being out on the roads at 3 am. Only the freaks come out at that time of night. Right Brittany? (inside joke between me and my cousin Britt).

One thing I love about the holidays are traditions. New or old. I love reading stories of how families come together and celebrate. My favorite are the blooper stories. So here is my Facebook page post from today:

“THANKSGIVING is in a few days! Are you excited? I know I sure am. Please share with me your favorite family recipes, funny stories or another other family traditions. I would like to feature these in a special blog post. Also coming up- ‘How to Eat What You Like on Thanksgiving Without Gaining Weight.’ “

Please comment below, on my Facebook page or email me at to send your stuff.


As I mentioned a dozen times on Facebook and my blog, I lost 60 lbs. I am not the only one with goals and milestones to be celebrated. I would love to do a blog post on other people’s success stories. It doesn’t have to be weight loss, it can any type of success story.

If you would like your story to be featured please submit it to my email.  I urge you to add photos along with your story.  I’m throwing some idea’s around but I would feature a special person every month. Futhermore, if you have goals you are working towards but have not met them give your story to me as well.  Here is the original Facebook post related to this topic:

Let’s continue to support one another as we try to meet and keep up our fitness goals or have a  success story (doesn’t have to be fitness related). Share the love and post any milestones you’ve completed! 


I’ll being participating in a virtual Turkey Trot. Another awesome blogger – Run Crazy Fit For Life – created this. Here are the details:

I do not own this photo. This belongs to Run Crazy Fit For Life.

This is for everyone everywhere! Gather your family (or go it solo) and head out for a 5k walk or run anytime during the Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 22nd -25th). You pick the place.Take a picture while out on your trot and share it with us!! Make it a new tradition to include activity into your Thanksgiving celebration!!

And- TOPIC #4

I entered in the Face of Fitness. It is created by and sponsored by Fitness Magazine. I don’t except to win. I would love to but I’d be happy to  be a finalist. I think I’ve come along a way from the chubby happy meal eating kid to running to my first race. But see, it’s not just about me. I want to be the Face of Fitness because I want to inspire others. I know how hard it is to struggle and over come being over weight. I was there. I experienced it.  I want to show others that if I can do  it, so can you. I want others to feel as good as I do because they  the deserve it. You deserve it. Yes I”m talking to you.  If you feel like your not good enough or that loosing weight or running the Iron Man Race is totally not going to happen then let me tell you something- you are right.

If keep saying negative things or doubting yourself then that’s what you get. So I am here to give you the motivation and PUSH to stop all that in its track. Lets change your way of thinking and lets get you where you want to be. First I need to have my voice be heard. So vote for me for the Face of Fitness. Go here to vote:

By the way, in all seriousness, I am always to give encouraging words if you are feeling down If you have an any questions about anything, feel free to ask me anything. Don’t be shy!


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