Commercials and Turkey Trots

If you would have told me last year when I started this blog that I’d be in ***STARing*** in a commercial and that I’d be running in a Turkey Trot, I would have laughed in your face.  “Say what? Who me? Running on Thanksgiving? You mean the whole world will see me in a commercial?  Ha! Yeah right.” Well folks yes Walt Disney was right dreams do come true. (Don’t quote me on that).


Picture is up! Everyone settle, please. This is picture. Camera ready? Ready! Sound Ready? Ready! Roll Camera. Marker (then hit the sticks- aka clapper). Director: Action

Last Saturday at the Safety Harbor Marina, myself and two other fabulous Tampa Bloggers, Denise and Beth got to be in a commercial for The Best Damn Race.  I had a blast shooting it and I can’t wait to see my debut when it airs on T.V.  We only had one line to say, and after few takes (I would love to see that blooper reel) the director yelled “cut!”  There were a few other scenes that we got to participate in (what’s a  commercial about a race without running in it?) but you’ll just have to wait until it airs. CHEERS to the “BEST Damn” Bloggers of Tampa Bay!

You can view the final production here:


Turkey Trot? What is that? I never heard such a thing. Sleeping in, watching the Macy’s parade and gobbling up a turkey meal (gobble gobble) is what I’ve always done every year on Thanksgiving.  Going for a run, or exercising for that matter, on Thanksgiving is something I do not do. That is until I was bitten by the running bug.  The rush, the excitement, the adrenaline, the feeling of accomplishment, those are just a few reasons why I am hooked.  Here in my hometown there are a few organized Turkey Trots, such as the Tampa Times (hundreds of people flocked  to that race) and the Fish Hawk Turkey Trot. However, I thought Joe and I would create our own quieter, sweeter, version. I want our Turkey Trot to become a  family tradition (looking forward to future little ones being a part of that tradition). We planted our roots at Alderman Ford Park in Lithia, Florida. Joe biked and I ran a 1.8 mile trail which loops around the Alafia River. We galloped along the route, leaving our foot prints and making memories.  It took us about  45 minutes to complete the loop, this includes stopping to take pictures and trying out a few of  exercise stations along the pathway (I failed miserably at the pull up bar station). After a reinvigorating run I made Joe stop at Starbucks so I could “celebrate” completing my first unofficial Turkey Trot with a skinny iced peppermint mocha latte. Mochafrappahoppalattewhat? May you and your family and your friends have a loving, happy and safe Thanksgiving. Today I am so grateful for the blessings of God: love, happiness, and good health for not only myself but my family too.  🙂  And I am grateful for some of new people I have recently met. Here’s to forming new friendships.  Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!

A view of the Alafia River from atop a bridge on the trail.


9 thoughts on “Commercials and Turkey Trots

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  2. What a pretty trail! Congrats on your turkey trot! Mike and I did our own running as well. We live about an hour drive from Clearwater and it was my only day off, so maybe next year! I cant’ wait to see the commercial 🙂

    • Thank you! This trail was actually in Lithia. Not sure if you live in that area. It was at the Alderman Ford Park. It was so pretty and very quite. Where did you guys end up doing your running?

  3. Hello from the Tampa Bay Bloggers group!
    That’s so cool you got to start in a commerial!!!! I’m real shy but I know I’d have no problem being in a commerical if I’m in it with a bunch of other people! LOL
    I live in Brandon and I definitely will be checking out Alderman Ford park! Looks like a great place for us to go for a family walk! We are such a couch potato family so this would be great exercise for us!

    • Hi! I know I was so excited. Its funny because I am usually shy to. But like you, it wasnt too bad since I was with two other girls. lol Yes you should def check out this park. There’s a few parks in the area that are very nice. If you ever get the chance go to Hillsborough River State Park and do canoeing.

    • I’m so lazy! Its taken me a month to reply to all of my comments on this post. Sorry for that. 😦 I know I had a blast too. I wonder when we will see it?

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