Healthy Girl Adventures Get Healthy Prize Give Away!

Monday I posted the Winter Weight-loss Challenge.  Since this is Christmas and we are all trying to stay healthy why not play Santa and do a giveaway. So what’s the prize? Justin’s Nut Butter.  You must grab a jar of this nut butter. My favorites are the chocolate almond and hazel nut butter (so much healthier and better than nutella). Other flavors are Honey Almond, Plain almond, Classic Almond, Maple Almond,  Chocolate Peanut, Classic Peanut, &  Honey Peanut.

PB&J Smoothie using made with Justins peanut butter, strawbery jelly and ice cream!

My favorite thing to do with Justin’s is to use it in my green monster smoothie. However the sky is the limit. A month ago Justin’s Facebook page had a recipe contest.  So many ways to use Justin’s in your recipes:  cakes, parfaits, fudge, pancakes and cookies. If you want to  use it and still stay healthy add a small bit to your breakfast oatmeal or have it as a snack with apples or carrots.

Peanut butter fudge using Justins.

Do you want to be the ONE & ONLY lucky winner of this awesome prize? You just might.  Here’s what you got to do to win:

Complete the circuit below and one person will win a free jar of almond butter from Justin’s Nut Butter. You pick which flavor. To enter, please do the following:

1. LIKE my Facebook page
2. Share the giveaway with your friends.
3. Complete the circuit training
4. Comment below when you have done everything. 🙂

GIVE AWAY ENDS ON Sunday December 9th.

Here is the SMOKIN’ LEGS & SEXY ARMS CIRCUIT you complete:

**Disclaimer: I do not own the parfairt or fudge photo. Those belong to Justin’s and Justin’s Facebook page.**


13 thoughts on “Healthy Girl Adventures Get Healthy Prize Give Away!

  1. Thanks Nicole you know I like you on Feb and loving the workout I am doubling my weights I have noticed such a difference who knew my husband was right along along I’m lifting heavy enough!

    • Balancingonhoney I appreciate that for nominating me! And thanks for enjoying the challenge. Hopefully I’ll more of them (and prizes too) in the near future. 🙂

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