Christmas Town


Oh the lights. The lights. They glowed our path as the snow flakes softy landed on the ground. About 5 snow man bounced past. The children laughed and threw snow balls.  Santa’s jolly laugh rang in my ears as I filled my belly with sugary cookies.  Scream of happiness and joy came from above from people riding merrily on the roller coasters.

Roller coasters, life-size snow men moving about? That can’t be real. Oh but it is. This is Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. A few weeks ago I got special VIP media passes and attended this Christmas event for free. Joe came along with me. We were handed 3D glasses which turned the twinkling lights 3D! Go to Caroline’s blog page- My Fascinating Life, for the 3D photos.




This is Busch Gardens first year for Christmas Town. It is a family friendly event and there was lots to see and do. Because this event is open after the park closes, only a few of the roller coasters were available to ride. They were SheiKra, Cheetah Hunt, Gwazi, Sand Serpent and the Scorpion.  The kiddies could ride the Sesame Street’s A Very Furry Christmas and Timbuktu. Joe and I didn’t go on any of the rides because we were busy running around the park trying to see everything. We only had 3 hrs to hit the important spots. On a side note, the event is open longer than 3 hrs. Joe had to work late so we got there a few hours after it opened.

The sidewalks were illuminated with lights   My camera really didn’t do it justice. It was so pretty. I wish I could deck the halls of my house like this.







The coolest thing at Christmas Town was the angel statue. Admiring the beauty of the statue you look and continue on your way.  Uh uh, not so fast. Look again. This is a real person! She only moves when she wants stand in a different pose.



My favorite part was Snow World. You could get your picture taken with Frosty, throw snowballs at a target or play in the snow! A few people complained the snow area wasn’t big enough. I ignored them and enjoyed it for what it was worth.  We are in sunny Florida. How often do you get to play in snow here?  Being one of the popular attractions, the line to play in the snow was long.





Guests could enjoy the snow without it being over crowded, because every 10 minutes a group of 20 would enter the area. When the 10 minutes were up everyone was herded out and the next round of guests came into the area. There was  a small tube slide. Standing in a line with the rest of the kindergartens, I went down the slide. That was the best 30 seconds of my life!  😀


After feeling the chills of Snow World Joe and I decided to warm up with a gingerbread man. Everywhere you turn you can smell caramel, chocolate, sugar, and vanilla in the air. It was so hard to decide between the waffles covered in chocolate sauce, a warm chocolate chip cookie or the gingerbread man. Walking up to the counter I decided on the gingerbread man.

“Would you like the large or small man?”

“Large please.”

“Icing too?”

With a big, wide smile “OH yes!”


After chowing down Joe and I bumped into Mrs. Clause who was probably heading back to the North Pole to bake cookies for Santa.


Before the park closed we took a few photos with the Sesame Street gang and then hopped aboard the Merrily Sing a Long Christmas Train. You are in for a real treat. So bundle up, grab your hot cocoa and get ready to be put into the Christmas spirit. The train takes you around the park while the conductor of the train leads everyone to sing along Christmas carols with him. While on the train, if you look very close in the dark you can spot animals such as zebra’s, giraffe’s and other wild creatures roaming about. It’s not too often you get to take a peak at zoo animals when sun goes down.





Unfortunately Joe and I missed the shows and we weren’t able to visit Santa’s house. The park was closing and so it was time to head home.

Come and visit Christmas Town. I had a great time. Don’t think or hesitate, just pack up your family and come now.



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