Dirty Girl Mud Run – Win a FREE GYM MEMBERSHIP

Photo owned by Dirty Girl

It doesn’t matter if you not athletic or have never ran a race. You don’t even have to be a runner. Dirty Girl is all about your girlfriends and you coming together to make memories. This race isn’t a traditional 5k race. Its full of mud, fun and obstacle courses.  I just did my first mud run back in October of this year. I can tell you from experience that it was a BLAST!  Now that I am more famillar with running in a mud run, I know this race will be even better. For one, this time I’ll be running in a group: Team  Mud Bloggin’.  And I definitely be sporting a tutu! I can’t wait to see that tutu get muddy.

Photo owned by Dirty Girl

The one thing I want to really stress is that it does not matter what size or athletic ability you have. I saw all types of girls run the mud run back in October. It’s not timed and it girls only.  You can walk or run the 3 mile track.  No one is looking at you because everyone is having too much fun. We all share a common bond. The girls around you are cheering each other on and help each other get through the obstacles.

photo owned by Dirty Girl

I’ll be posting updates on my blog, twitter and Facebook for the next few months before I run the race. I’ll also be posting contests and promotions. The first promo is this:

Anyone who registers for the Miami, Jacksonville or Tampa Dirty Girl Mud Run between Dec. 5th and midnight on the 24th will automatically be entered to win a gym membership valued up to $500 (And YOU choose the gym!).

For those who make New years resolutions to get in shape, wouldn’t that gym membership come in handy?

If you really want to have fun and get out of your comfort zone go and sign up! I can GUARANTEE you will not regret it. For more information and to sign head on over to Dirty Girl’s site. If you have the time check out their Facebook page. 


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