Dirty Girl Mud Run Recap


The alarm rang at 4:45 am. It was time to get ready for the Dirty Girl Mud run at the Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City. I prepared my bag the night before. In it I packed a change of clothes, flip flops, a protein bar and the directions to the Ranch.  Also, I put a sheet on my car seat so I wouldn’t get mud on my precious car interior.

Nervous and ready to get grimy  I left the house at 5:45 am.  Arriving into Dade City, I merged on a small country lane.  The sparks of orange and azure hues peeking through the sky marked the beginnings of a sun rise.  Tall tree trunks were highlighted against the sky, its branches and leaves outlined among the darkness.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-56

A bumpy, dusty drive down a dirty road I pulled into the parking lot at the Ranch and converged with girls of Team Mud Bloggin (Tampa Bay Bloggers).

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-58

I look forward to being silly, getting muddy and having fun with the girls. We lurched across the misty field, the blades of grass coated with morning dew dampened our socks and feet. Soggy feet was a prequel of what was to come.  First we had to check-in.

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Team Mud Bloggin was scheduled for 8 am, the first wave of the day.  The check-in process was easy and free of long lines. I attribute this to being there early in the morning. We received our bibs, t-shirt and a necklace.  By this time the rest of the team had arrived.


Team Mud Bloggin.  L to R:  Genna, Mary, Meghann, Jackie, Caroline, Jessica, Jennifer, Me, Denise, Margarita, & Raffi.

Before letting us go hog wild in the cold mud,  we warmed up by zumba dancing.


My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-05

Then, we were off!




This course and location held the Pretty Muddy run of last year. I wondered how Dirty Girl and it’s obstacles would compare. Running inside a barnyard and emerging out on the other end we were given a sneak peek of the first obstacle.



FIRST OBSTACLE, MISSION- climb up a bouncy, inflatable object and slide down into a mud pit on the other side.  Head first only allowed!



Haha! Just kidding on the head first thing. A mud pit waited below, however a barrier prevent anyone from sliding directly into the mud.  Warmed up and no longer freezing, I ran along with the bloggers to the next mud pit.  Onward MARCH!




Looks like Denise was dancing and skipping through the mud. She was having a blast. The mud up to our knees felt like quick sand.  I walk next to another girl and we stayed close to each other for support in case one of us started falling in the pit.  Our shoes dripping with grime, we washed away the dirt at the next obstacle.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-13

Ahead we faced more obstacles to conquer.  We crawled through mud tunnels and cargo nets and scaled fences like the super women we are. We faced obstacles with names like Down and Dirty, Funky Monkey, and Amaze Yourself.  Running on difficult terrain and grassy inclines we dodged cow patties, too.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-19

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-21



I don’t look to happy here. I almost lost my head band.


Introducing the Muddy Buddies Musical Group! Let’s see those jazz hands.


Conquering the hill



Only yoga or trapeeze artists allowed at Amaze Yourself.  Do I see the makings of a downward dog?


I ran A LOT.  I am used to the distance of a 5k but not running as long as I did. I walk more than I run. However, I didn’t want to get left behind from all of the other girls and pushed myself to run a longer time. At one point I had to stop. My heart was pounding, I could barely breath and my chest felt like it was on fire. For a moment I had a panic attack. Passing out and taken off the course would swallow me up with crushing humiliation and embarrassment. I quietly calmed myself down and skipped the next obstacle. I was disappointed because it was one of the best obstacles on the course.  You had to climb up a net and then ring a cow bell when you reach the top.




Here I am taking a breather


I felt guilty because I had to skipped the next obstacle.  Utopian Tubes was the name and crawling through dark, enclosed, muddy tunnel was the game. No way. Nu-uh. I am WAY too claustrophobic.





No more time for Monkeying around. Finally an obstacle I can do. I had to crawl over netting without falling through the gap. I almost fell once or twice.  Bouncing off the contraption and landing on the ground, I heard amid the buzz that some girls were crab crawling over the net. I wish I had gotten the memo earlier.  🙂


My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-37

Time to scale a wall. The girls decided to goof off and have some fun. After all that is why we came together for the mud run. It wasn’t about being serious or making a certain time.  We wanted to make memories and just have a good time!

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-43

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-44

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-46

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Slogging through one last mud pit we crossed the finish line together and shared in the sweetness of victory.


We took some more post muddy group photos



Unlike Pretty Muddy, the Dirty Girl had an enclosed tent where you could wash off and change. Pretty Muddy had a “shower” station too but it was in the middle of some grass. I prefered the way Dirty Girl had it set up because they had mats inside the tent to prevent your feet from getting muddy again. I cleaned up as best as I could. I need to remember to bring a towel next time. I walked outside and browsed around the gift shop. I bought a cute baseball tee with the Dirty Girl logo. I love my shirt though I should have doubled checked the size. I got home to try it on and it felt snug. The size on the tag said small.  grrrr….What am I going to do with a shirt that’s too small to wear?

One cool aspect of Dirty Girl was the shoe recycle hanger.


I had a great time at Dirty Girl.  I laughed and made memories along with the rest the of Team Mud Bloggin.  We were so lucky to have been blessed with such a gorgeous day.  They offered free beer but I gave up my ticket. I’m  not much of a drinker.  🙂

A big thanks and shout to Caroline Calcote and Raffi Morrow for being our official photographers. All of the above photos are credited to them.

And a big thanks to Raffi for providing us with the Dirty Blogger Bondi Bands. and PS, Thank you for letting me wear that tek shirt. It kept me warm!

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-04


Here are tips to follow

  • Do not wear cotton. It becomes heavy in the mud.
  • Spandex and nylon will wash out. Rinse the mud off with the hose and then wash your clothes as normal
  • Bring a change of clothes, towels and shoes. Remember to cover your seats in case you there are mud spots that won’t wash off
  • Bring a mud/water proof camera to take pictures.

Disclaimer: I was given a free entry to the race in exchange that I would write a review. All of my opinions and expressions are my own and true!  I was not paid to write this.


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