Get Colored Bombed!

This is TOTALLY RAD! I’m getting COLORED BOMBED.  As my first official year of running and racing I want to look back and say “wow.  I did some crazy, different but AMAZING races.” And I want colorful pictures to prove it.

By the end of the year I want to run a 5k in 30 minutes. My plan is to run 3x weekly for at least 3 miles.  For the days I do not run I  am doing weight/strength training and stretching. I noticed the other day while I ran on the longest continuous sidewalk in the US that my stamina and endurance was at a high level. I think the weight training is adding to this perk. The weather here in Tampa Bay area makes it the best time to run or do anything outdoors. We are experiencing perfect blue skies and temps in the 60’s and 70’s. If it wasn’t for the influx of snow birds flocking their feathers down here because of Spring Break I would go to Disney World. This is the perfect weather to experience an amusement park.

A few days ago you all saw on Instagram, that I ran a good 3.51 miles. I would have gone farther but the boyfriend was with me and he was feeling the chills because of the wind. He  refuses to wear a jacket or jeans which could be another reason he was uncomfortable.

If you didn’t see the pics I posted on Instagram or my Facebook page, I will post them again:

So what’s this about getting colored bombed? Well I am extremely excited to say that I will join a race called Color Me Rad!  It’s a 5k course in which you get color bombed, aka covered in a cornstarch rainbow, from your hair and face to your sneakers. It’s insane but nonetheless a major blast! They have races all over the U.S. Some of them are sold out. You should check them out and sign up quickly before your city sells out.  I  borrowed a few photos from their Facebook page. Check out how totally tubular and rad this will be! I am so EXCITED.  🙂 Oh and I convinced the Junk Food Junkie Boyfriend to run with me! He hasn’t  tore up the asphalt since his days as a high school track team member. For those who might be curious the “color” is a safe, non toxic corn starch. However just for safety precautions I’ll wear goggles to protect my peepers.

So have I convinced you yet?


2 thoughts on “Get Colored Bombed!

    • Sorry I am so behind on replying to comments. This sounds a lot like me. Maybe it is a mistake I am making. I’ve been running the same distance yet trying to speed up. I will read the article tonight.

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