My 60 lb Weight loss with BEFORE & AFTER Photos

FAT.  CHUBBY.  OVERWEIGHT.   No matter the name, they all had the same meaning.   No matter how you described me, I was a chubby cheeks, big boned girl.   Most of my life I was always the fat friend or the girl who was heavy, but had a “pretty face”.     I blamed most of my extra fat cells on genetics.   Blonde hair and blue eyes, I had pink chipmunk cheeks that just screamed out “pinch me!”.    I was a cute, pudgey baby.

Had to throw in this classic 80’s pic. Yep thats me in the dark tshirt with the pink glasses.

Because I was big boned to began with I thought I was destined to be heavy set.   I was your typical, McDonald’s eating, happy kid.    All through elementary school I was teased and picked on for my big size.   From middle school and beyond I was the fat girl among the group.   Lucky for me, my pals loved me for who I was, no matter if I was a size 0 or size 18.   Sure I tried loosing the weight by dieting and exercising.  Unfortunately no one ever taught me the difference between a diet and a healthy lifestyle.  I thought to loose weight I had to eat salads and wake up at the crack of dawn and sweat for two hours.   Like most who gone on diets I just gave up.

Finally after 2-3 years of living on cafeteria  food and late snacks run to 7-11 while I was in college, I reached my heaviest.   I was 180 lbs and only 4’11”.    Funny thing was that I never viewed myself as being that chubby.   I was just in a jaw dropping state when I realized my weight had tied itself to a balllon and shot way up on the scale.  I was in shock.  I guess I never saw it coming.  Sure my pants felt a little tighter, but I blamed it on either pms or the dryer thinking it had shrunk.  Who the heck was I kidding?

I knew I had to make a change.  The first I did was cut soda.  I lost a good 10 lbs instantly.   I started drinking protein shakes with banana and strawberries for breakfast.   I am not a early to rise person, so I knew I would never get up and work out in the morning.    Instead, I did it after work.   Cranking on some upbeat tunes (Kelly Clarkson’s album got me through some major sweat sessions) I walked on the old treadmill that was hiding in our garage. It was hard at first.   Taking a shower and watching televsion sounded better than working out.   I told myself that its only 30 minutes.  Thats it 30 minute.  After that I can have the rest of evening to relax.   It got easier each time.

I searched online for some great healthy recipes.   I never realized that healthy food could actually taste good.     However I never gave up junk food completely: PORTION CONTROL!    I knew trying to give up some of the foods I love would only backfire, for I was sure to binge on a weekend night.   Though the more healthy I ate the less junk food tasted good.    To this day I feel better when I eat healthy.  Knowing that I am putting wholesome nutrition in my body makes me feel good about myself in ways I never thought I could feel.  I have more energy and zest for life!  Still, I am normal.  I will never give up my pasta from Olive Garden or my chocolate brownies.   I don’t eat fettuccine alfredo everyday, but when I do it is a treat.  And I don’t eat the entire plate in one sitting.  I pack it up and eat it as next days dinner.

I took about a good year but I finally lost 60 lbs.

I hope that I can inspire you to lose the weight.  Know that I had struggles.  We all will.   Even to this day I still work at being healthy and staying fit.  The difference between then and now is that I enjoy it!  Being healthy is a lifestyle I chose for myself.  I will always have healthy goals to set.  Like right, I’d love to tone up some more and maybe train for a race.  If losing weight were so easy the whole world would be fit and in shape.  You just have to take one day at a time.   Don’t get frustrated and NEVER give up.  You’ll get there;  I promise.  If you ever need any tips or advice feel free to contact me anytime!



3 thoughts on “My 60 lb Weight loss with BEFORE & AFTER Photos

  1. Hello, my name is Jamie and I have a similar story. I lost 110 pounds in a little over a year. I was a bigger girl and I am taller than you. I was 5’6” and 250 pounds, after I lost the weight I was 140 pounds. Now I have hit a snag in my healthy lifestyle, it seems I will do well eating the way I was before for a few days and then I will go back to my over eating lifestyle, especially this time of the year with the holidays and everything. I am now sitting around 145ish and I keep going between 145 to as low as 135. I know that the body naturally does this with hormones and what not. (I am a registered nurse by the way) when I was loosing the weight I was in nursing school and working at a local hospital as a nurses aid so I was super busy and focused on my goals. Right now I am terrified of gaining that weight back because I feel myself loosing the self control I had while I was loosing the weight. What kind of motivation do you use to keep yourself on track. I am planning on going back to school in for my Bachelor’s degree so I will have something else to focus on then but right now it seems difficult to eat healthy. I have always been a sucker for holiday food and celebration. How do you deal with the holiday season and saying no to people who are always offering you unhealthy goodies?

    • Beka that you so much for the compliment. That really makes me my day! 🙂 Like I mentioned on your facebook page you are inspiring too. Keep up the running. Don’t you love how a healthy lifestyle makes you feel?

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