Iron Girl In Training

Iron Girl

The last time I went for a run was 3 weeks ago and it was cold outside.  Normally I spend my afternoons running 3 – 4 miles or stretching and toning my muscles with my 5 lb  lime green hand weights.  As of late, I devote my afternoons to job hunting.   I spend two to three hours online searching, filling out applications and uploading my résumé. Sometimes I think looking for a job is a job in itself.

 I have an eye for putting together art and writing together in such a way that I can hook and reel you in. In fact I even have some excellent creative writing chops that haven’t show off in my blog posts. Sorry guys I could talk about this all day. I told you this kindles the fire that is my passion. This post is about training for Iron Girl. Moving on……

So, as I was saying I consume my time with job hunting. It was time to stretch my sea legs and get back out there. Saturday’s perfect weather became my playground to do such the thing. It was time to get away from my laptop and breath in the sweet smell of spring! Joe and I decided to brave the sidewalks and bridges (two of them) of Harbor Island and downtown Tampa. I will be running the Iron Girl 5k in TWO WEEKS! YIKES. An obstacle I will face at Iron Girl is a long and high bridge. Running over these rinky dink bridges of Harbor Island will be good practice. I have a feeling I’ll be walking that bridge when I run the Iron Girl. Not to go off on a tangent but my friend Mary of Food and Fun on the Run, posted a blog article you should read if you are running a race at the last minute.

I am so out of shape. that I decided I must yank the band-aid right off! No sense in taking it slow. I realized that was a big mistake hours after the my running, mostly walking, training session. Joe had a blast riding his bike. We covered the island first. Then we ran from bridge nearest the Tampa History Museum and took that path all the way to the Convention Center. Next we explored River Walk, looped back to the island and back over the first bridge we started at. We spent a good two hours out there. I think we covered over 8 miles in distance. I’d say that was pretty good for my first run after my short hiatus. Unlike our last adventure exploring the ‘Burg, I lathered on my SPF 30.

The best thing about our adventure was the city views. I tried to seize the composition of the panoramic city skyline. My cell phone pictures don’t come close.

2013-03-27 13.46.03 2013-03-27 13.46.24 2013-03-30 10.30.23 2013-03-30 10.43.46 2013-03-30 10.45.05 2013-03-30 10.49.34 2013-03-30 10.49.46 2013-03-30 11.02.22 2013-03-30 11.25.21 2013-03-30 12.45.55

That night I had to attend my Uncle’s baptism at the historic Sacred Heart Church in Downtown Tampa. Oh my! I was so sore I could hardly walk. My left knee was in pain. I was afraid that the pounding I did on the pavement tore a ligament. I do not have health insurance so in the midst of my pains I woefully exclaimed to Joe that I am “giving up running for good.” A couple of days later, after the pain vanished I changed my tune.

I only have 13 days left until Iron Girl. Will I be able to cram in the nick of time? Stay tuned…….


3 thoughts on “Iron Girl In Training

  1. You can do it! You just ran 8 miles! that’s a lot! Are you doing the 5K or the 1/2 Marathon??

    I’ll be doing the 5K with my 7yo as a mother-daughter team, so maybe I’ll see you out there! 🙂

  2. You can do it! Running those pesky bridges in Clearwater has helped me alot, in preparation for the Iron Girl half marathon. Hubby and I are hoping to get out here tomorrow evening to do it again (Memorial Bridge). Every little bit helps. Sunday morning, we’ll be out at Sand Key Bridge! Also, best of luck with your job hunt!

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