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Nicole is a social media expert, creative designer and writer who blogs about health, fitness & travel at Healthy Girl Adventures. She has worked with major companies to advertise and write about their events and products on her blog and social media sites.  As a fellow member of Tampa Bay Bloggers, Nicole  can help you reach a larger audience. Many of her fellow bloggers are web savvy fitness fanatics who have heavy online influences and ambassadorships  Not only do they have a large readership on their blogs and social media, but their message is spread by fitness industry brands to even larger audiences. As an accomplished speaker, writer and athlete Nicole is available to represent your brand at the next event or expo.



 Formerly 60 lbs over weight, Nicole offers weight-loss, fitness and clean eating tips.  Nicole shows her readers that is is possible to live a healthy lifestyle. She gives them tips to eat eat well and stay fit, even with a busy schedule or small budget.   Nicole is an ambassador for several brands, including Iron Girl, Pretty Muddy, Peer Fit and Dirty Girl.  Nicole and her blog were featured on a commercial for The Best Damn Race.  Nicole went from being over weight to an accomplished athlete. Some of her triumphs include racing in a 5k and several mud runs. She also shares guidance on preparing for a race and meeting health and weight-loss goals.

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Each number is a monthly average.

Unique Visitors: Canada, South Africa & Denmark

Page Views: 800- 950

Feed Subscriber: 232

Facebook Friends: numbers change on a weekly basis

Twitter Follows: numbers change on a weekly basis


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