8 Fun and Energizing Exercises Anyone Can Do

It’s ok to admit-  you hate to exercise.   Your exercise routine is as stale as a dry decayed piece of bread.  Cheer up and put those sneakers back on your feet!   I’ve got 7 thrilling routines to make you perspire and live up life like you never have.    Get ready to shimmy, shake, rattle and roll.   As an unexpected perk you can look forward to more energy and happiness in your life.

Before you read this let me give you a clue:  use groupon.com, living social.com and contact your local recreation center as a source to find these activities. Your wallet will thank me.  Most rec centers offer a single one day class, free of charge and is usually on a certain day of the month.   Groupon and Living Social offer loads of  exciting activities that are always 50% – 75% off the normal price.    In addition, you are never stuck in a contract when you use these sources.   Check your local paper on Sundays.  A lot of times you find one day workshops or classes that offer pay as you go which are usually priced at $5.00 per class.

1.  Take a dancing class–  Swing, Hip Hop, Salsa, Zumba to name a few.

2. Grab a friend and go kayaking or canoeing.  (this will do wonders to your arms)

3. Take advantage of your local surroundings:  If you live in the mountains, most state parks have some amazing hiking trails, full of nature from animals to waterfalls.  If you live on the beach go walking, get some vitamin D and soak up those orange rays.  Take a dip in the ocean to cool off.      Bonus tip- Take a camera with you and snap some shots of that amazing city view while you are atop the mountain or the unexpected dolphin sighting on the pier.

Here at I am at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee. This picture was taken when I reached the end of my hike where I found a breath-taking view.

4.  Go Rock Climbing

5.  Join an adult team sport.  Most areas have revolving open spots for adults who like to play soccer, baseball, volleyball or the newest trend- ultimate frisbee.  Use the web and your local paper to find one near you.

6.  Try horseback riding.  You can build coordination and muscle strength.   Some places take you on the beach and even in the water.

7.  Join a local volunteer group.  You will meet new people, keep your local area clean, and feel good about yourself.  I’ve seen projects from gardening,  general cleanup of your local area, cleaning horse stalls, lifting, packing and sorting food and clothes for shelters, as well as assisting the disabled in special projects and parties.    Go here to find projects in your area.

8. Water sports–  Go snorkeling, take a scuba diving class, rent a jet ski or just take old-fashioned swim in the ocean, pool, lake or spring.


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