What I Blog About

My name is Nicole and I am a 30-something old Southern belle living in good old Tampa Bay. The city of cigars, the lightning capital, renowned home of delicious Cuban sandwiches, strawberry shortcakes, and yes, pirates. I have a wonderful boyfriend name Joe, a kind and loving man (who LOVES junk food). We have been together for almost 4 years. You will probably see his name or face come up every once in a while on here.

I started this blog to combine three of my favorite things: eating healthy, traveling,  and living a happy life as a christian woman.
Jesus is the most important thing in my life and without Him I would not be where I am today.

I also have another favorite you will see mentioned or shown on this blog. Let’s see if you can guess what it is!

Here are some answers to some common questions about the blog:


Anytime I cook up something delicious (such as a chicken potpie or spinach and artichoke dip), I’ll be sure to post it, along with pictures. I love to cook and I love to eat healthy, and you will read all about it!

I love traveling to local craft and food festivals, zoos, farmer’s markets, history museums, and vintage homes – anytime I visit these places you’ll be sure to read all about it and view wonderful photos capturing my favorite moments. We also love to visit horse farms and state parks!


I love living a healthy lifestyle. I am not big on hopping on a treadmill and going for a 30 minute walk. I like to go out and see what the world has to offer. You won’t find me sitting at home and wishing for a different life. Instead, I hop into the car, put the windows down, turn up the music and let the road take me to life’s next destination. I love eating fresh fruits and veggies. And I love finding new, healthy and fun recipes (which you will see in my blog). I know that stressing out over the small stuff is not worth it.

On a side note – I am not perfect! Occasionally I still enjoy some chicken fingers with curly fries, or a fudge brownie a la mode!


No but I have my animals! I am one of the biggest animal lovers you could ever know. I have 3 fur babies: Rusty (a lab mix)

And kitties. June of last year Joe and I adopted two girls- Cindy and Mindy at the local animal shelter.  Without one there wouldn’t be the other. Joe and I could not separate the sisters so we adopted both of them.

Almost one year later Mindy got stones in her bladder. Due to complications she died. Losing Mindy was one of the hardest things I ever experienced. I was broken. Picking up the pieces, Joe and I found ourselves at the shelter. We figured looking at cute kittens would ease the pain from the shards of glass sticking in our heart. Tai-less Tay-lor was just what we needed.

Sitting in a red salad bowl was this tiny gray kitten.  And her half of her tail was about to fall off.  Joe and I both fell in love and brought her home.

Taylor on the day we brought her home.

We never thought brining home Taylor would replace Mindy. We will always love all of our pets.

Anytime I see an animal in distress or even a runaway, you better believe I will stop to help. I don’t care if I was driving to my own wedding, I could never ignore an animal that needs help.

I started my own charity to give back to a local animal sanctuary called Goliath and Bebe’s World. The shelter is trying to salvage their land so that they do not have to shut down (and risk 100’s animal lives’). My charity is called Angels for Goliath and Bebe. Right now its on a hiatus but I hope to start more projects in the near future. If you would like more info on my charity or the sanctuary itself please do not hesitate to ask.


3 thoughts on “What I Blog About

  1. Hi! My name is Sue, and I’m from SlimKicker, a diet/fitness app and website. I came across your blog yesterday and it captured my interest!

    I’m contacting you b/c we’re about to release a fitness tracker (similar to FitBit) early next year, and are looking for bloggers who would be interested in getting 1 for free to review when it is out (negative or positive).

    Would you be interested in doing this? You can email me at: sue (at) slimkicker (com) with ‘Review’ in the email heading if you are.

    A brief explanation of who we are, our website SlimKicker basically turns your diet/fitness goals into a level up game. The tracker will work in conjunction the website, and allow people to track calories burned and number of steps they walk automatically. The more they exercise, the more points they rack up! That’s basically how it will work.

    Anyway, hope to hear back either way…

    – Sue
    P.S. You can choose not to display this comment as this is more of a private comment 🙂

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