Weight Loss Tips & Tricks

At 27 years old, I was  4’11 and overweight-  60 lbs to be exact.     Five years later, Not only did I shed the extra fat, but I continue  to keep those pounds off!    What was my weight loss secret?   What did I do that helped me shed all of the weight?   These are simple and easy tricks anyone can you use.  Here is your ultimate guide on tips and tricks to pour off those pounds.

Bonus tips are found here.

1. Drink water.  Yes I know this is common sense.   But soda is empty calories and added sugar.  I quickly lost several pounds after cutting soda from my diet.  If you can’t bear to part from this vice I would reccomend treating yourself to a soda a day.

2.  Exercise even if its only for 10 minutes.  Tell yourself that you will walk around the block twice.  If you feel like quitting then don’t feel guilty.  Try again tomorrow.  (stole this tip from Carrots n Cake)

3.    Make exercise fun Don’t let that treadmill be your excuse for not working out.

4.  Shorten your goals.  Sometimes we tell ourselves “ok I”m going to loose xx lbs in 3 months”.    The finish line to your goal is so far away that you give up in frustration.  Go to Barnes and Noble, buy a fun or cute calendar (Twilight or Harry Potter anyone?) and and write down weekly fitness and nutrition goals.   (instead of a calendar you can make a personal log on the computer.)

5.  Reward yourself for your hard work.   This comes in two parts-

Anytime you meet your weekly goal tack on a sticker:  be it a star, happy face or Jacob’s hunky body.   If you are really crafty and have the time, you can make a separate chart showing everytime you met your goal.

Buy yourself something- that could be a new workout outfit,  running shoes or a day at the nail salon.   Though you might think I’m crazy, once your start feeling the good effects of of a healthy and fit body, you will find yourself “rewarding” yourself on exercise clothes or the latest fitness gimmick.

6. Have your gym bag and workout clothes ready.   If you can’t find socks or all of your sports bras are in the dirty hamper your less likely to work out.   Have your workout gear prepared and ready for the next day’s session!  Snagged this great tip from Iowa Girl Eats.

7. Prep and Prepare.  Candy coated and dripping with chocolate are my treat of choice.  In fact just call me Miss Sweet Tooth.  Eating sweets or a bag of chips is a matter of convience- all you do is put hand to mouth.   I made healthier snacking easy by cutting up all of my fruits and veggies on Sundays. Now I can make  healthy breakfast smoothies or snack on carrots.   I like keep a stash of healthy yogurt based dips for my carrots and cucumbers in the fridge as incentive.   Its easy to become lazy and reach for chips or cookies, but when you’ve got the fruit or veggies already cut up you’ve got no excuse!

8. Make a meal plan.   “Mom!!  What’s for dinner?”   Exasperated and tired you cook the easiest meal available.   Poor healthy food choices no more!  Figure out what your dinners will be for the week.  It may seem like a chore but it will save you money and time as you won’t be rummaging around your kitchen feeling guilty over another night of hot dogs.    Motivate yourself by being adventuresome:  try a new food and use it in one of your meals. You can save the money in your wallet by trying to match your meal plan with your grocery store’s weekly sales.   Very soon I hope to post advice on eating healthy on a budget along with my typical grocery list.

These tips may seem like common sense because they are so easy.    If you truly want to put your body into overdrive and become a healthier version of yourself then use these tips!  You’ll be glad you did.


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