A new job and engagement


I’m baaaaaaaaaack and I’m better than ever. Sorry for the hiatus. Between the new job and just being busy I hardly had the time for anything. I was over worked and over stressed. However I think its good to step away from time to time. When you step back it gives you the chance to change and become refreshed. A change is always good. So where in the world do I even begin? So much to tell and say.

First, I LOVE my new job. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The people are amazing, kind and we all mesh well together. In fact most of my new co-workers love to run and stay in shape, even the big boss man. 🙂

I won’t divulge all of the details but I work with an awesome ecology company. Most of my co-workers are very smart and knowledgeable ecologist scientists. I’ve learned so much about birds and plant life. In fact I love that I can give Joe a run for his money now that I know the scientific names of birds and wildlife. It makes me feel cool when I see a plant and I’m like yeah that’s “Cephalanthus occidentalis .”

So the second and best piece of news (if you haven’t already heard from my Twitter and Facebook pages) is that I am engaged! Joe asked me and I said yes. Sometime this week I’ll give you guys a run down on my mini-vacation to Orlando, Universal and Coco Beach, which during the vacation is when he proposed.

Boy I just can’t believe all of this stuff that is going on. I hope between the new job and the crazy wedding planning I can still work out and eat good. Since I started the new job I haven’t worked out once! However, crazy thing is that I’ve lost weight – 7 lbs to be exact. Even though I haven’t worked out, I am not snacking as much and I am walking up and down two flights of stairs about 4 times a day (my former job was in a single story house and I sat at a desk all day). It’s taken me a month to finally settle in and I hope to start running again. I would like to do cross fit, too.

Well this is all for now. I just wanted to write a small blog post to let you know Healthy Girl is back and ready to whip it! Come join me on my crazy ride for the next year as I juggle a wedding while still staying healthy and sane.


5 thoughts on “A new job and engagement

    • Beka thank you. Yes I definitely want to do it. I want to be tone and that’s what I hope it it does. I keep saying I want to do it. I need to stop saying and just do it. lol

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